We apply very strict hygiene standards in the practices and in our production. You can take your appointment for your free 3D scan without hesitation.

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  • bleaching lara is holding the aligner
    Applies only in conjunction with an bestsmile Aligner treatment

    bestsmile Home Bleaching

    bleaching stars

    CHF 190.-
    per jaw

    Professional home bleaching with custom trays from the dentist.

Order easily

bestsmile - Order during your treatment

Order during your treatment

Order your home bleaching set directly by phone during your aligner therapy.

Your bleaching set will then be sent to you.

Order now: 044 279 70 70

bestsmile - Order during your appointment

Order during your appointment

Order your home bleaching set at your second appointment with us.

Your bleaching set will be delivered along with your aligners.

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    Your bleaching aligners fits your teeth perfectly

    As we already have a 3D scan of your teeth, we can use that data to create a custom bleaching tray for you. This ensures that the bleaching gel is distributed evenly and cleanly on your teeth. Our trays contain no BPA.

    • Re-usable aligners
    • Recyclables





Easy to use, fast results*

Clean your teeth thoroughly before performing home bleaching in the evening.

Remove the tooth whitening aligner from the protective packaging and spread the whitening gel evenly on the aligner.

Once you have filled the aligner with bleaching gel, carefully place it over your teeth. Remove excess gel from the aligner’s edges with a clean finger or soft toothbrush.

Leave it on for 8 to 10 hours during the night. Then thoroughly rinse your mouth twice with water. Store your bleaching aligner in the included protective box from bestsmile.

* You will find detailed instructions and further information in the enclosed manual.

Safety instructions

Please avoid bleaching during pregnancy. Bridges, crowns, veneers, partial dentures or fillings are not whitened. We recommend that you have caries and similar issues treated by your dentist in advance.

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