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Do I need a follow-up appointment after my treatment?

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After treatment, a follow-up appointment will take place with your bestsmile dentist, who will perform a final inspection of your new tooth position.

How can I maintain my tooth position in the long term after treatment?

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To maintain your new tooth position in the long term, we give you two options: the wire retainer and the retainer aligner.

The wire retainer (recommended):

After treatment, we will apply a wire retainer to the inner surface of your teeth. The retainer is not visible to others and fixes your new tooth position permanently. The wire retainer comes with a one-time cost of CHF 400 per jaw.

By the way, with the wire retainer, you get a 10-year warranty on your tooth position.

Retainer aligner:

The transparent retainer aligners prevent your teeth from moving back into their old position. You should wear them every night for the first 6 months after your treatment. After that, 3 nights per week are sufficient. The retainer aligners are included in your bestsmile box.

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