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Do I have a warranty right on my aligner treatment?

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If you opt for the wire retainer, you get a 10-year warranty on your tooth position. If despite the retainer the position of your teeth changes again, you will receive another aligner treatment free of charge. And afterwards we will apply new wire retainers.

What does “Warranty on your result” mean for the aligner treatment?

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If after treatment your end result does not match the predicted result shown on the treatment plan, you will receive further Aligners free of charge – until you are happy with your smile.

When does the warranty for veneers apply?

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If your veneers break or come loose within 10 years of your treatment, we will produce and apply new veneers for you free of charge.

How can I make a warranty claim?

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Just contact your bestsmile practice – your bestsmile dentist will review your case.

You can find the contact details of your bestsmile practice here .

You can also send us an e-mail to [email protected] . We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

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