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What is the bestsmile Relax Retainer?

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The bestsmile Relax Retainer is a custom-made grinding guard that protects your teeth from grinding your teeth at night and relaxes your jaws from the first night.

The Relax Retainer can alleviate the following complaints:

  • Tooth wear

  • Headache

  • Back pain

  • Pain in the jaw joint

  • Neck pain

What are the functions of the bestsmile Relax Retainer?

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The Relax Retainer relieves your jaw muscles when you grind your teeth at night, protecting your tooth substance from abrasion.

You may also use it after your aligner treatment as a retainer aligner to maintain the position of your teeth in the long term.

Furthermore, the Relax Retainer provides ideal protection for your ceramic Veneers after this treatment.

How does the Relax Retainer protect my teeth?

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When you grind your teeth, your masticatory muscles work with a bite force of up to 10 times compared to normal chewing. The Relax Retainer distributes these forces evenly, relieving your jaw muscles and protecting your teeth from abrasion.

What material is the bestsmile Relax Retainer made of?

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The bestsmile Relax Retainer is made of a medical plastic. Its shape-memory properties make it very flexible yet stable. Therefore, the Relax Retainer always returns to its original shape, even after possible deformations.

Is treatment guaranteed to be successful with the bestsmile Relax Retainer?

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For optimal tension relief, wear the Relax Retainer for at least 6–8 hours every night.

Please note: the grinding guard can only treat the consequences of nocturnal teeth grinding, not the causes.

Does the bestsmile Relax Retainer also work with implants, crowns, or missing teeth?

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If you have crowns, missing teeth or implants, our expert dentists will be happy to give you personal feedback.

Please let us know which dental treatments have already been done before your first appointment.

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