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How does the 3D scan for treatment with bestsmile Veneers work?

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During the 3D scan, we create a digital model of your jaws using a high-end 3D scanner. This only takes a few minutes and is completely painless. Your veneers are manufactured based on this scan data.

By the way, at your second appointment we will show you your Smile Design. So you can see your new smile with veneers even before treatment.

Can bestsmile Veneers close gaps between teeth?

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Our veneers can close small tooth gaps. For larger gaps between teeth, aligner treatment may be necessary beforehand to reduce the space between the teeth. At your first appointment, our expert dentists will tell you if it is necessary in your case.

Is treatment guaranteed to be successful with bestsmile Veneers?

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bestsmile has a high success rate, but we cannot guarantee that the outcome will match 100% the predicted result.

If you are not satisfied with your results after your treatment, do not hesitate to contact us. We will review your case and find a solution together.

Do bestsmile Veneers also work with implants or crowns?

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Veneers cannot be attached to crowns. If you wish to replace a crown due to colour or other reasons, we can renew it directly during your veneer treatment. Unfortunately, for medical reasons we cannot treat implants and implant crowns.

If you are not sure, we would be happy to advise you during a consultation. You can find the contact details of your bestsmile practice here .

Is there a minimum age for treatment with bestsmile Veneers?

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bestsmile Veneers are suitable for adults from the age of 18.

Is the treatment with bestsmile Veneers painful?

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During the preparation of the treatment you may experience temporary tooth sensitivity, as a thin layer of enamel is removed to apply the veneers.

Can bestsmile Veneers impact my health?

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There are no known health risks associated with bestsmile Veneers.

Is the veneer treatment possible during pregnancy?

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Usually not. During pregnancy, hormonal changes take place that would affect your gums and therefore your treatment.

We would be happy to welcome you after your pregnancy.

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