Beautiful teeth for Christmas – Enjoy the festive season with a radiant smile!

With conventional braces it takes approximately 2 years to successfully straighten your teeth. With our Aligners, it takes just 4 to 12 months.

Beautiful teeth for Christmas

Transform your smile – Completely stress-free

Before the festive season, people always have a lot on their minds and what should be a contemplative time often becomes very stressful. No one thinks about going to the dentist or even to the orthodontist. In this article we will tell you how discreet and flexible teeth straightening can be.

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Make your teeth shine

Do you want to take your crush out for Christmas, but there’s still one detail missing? A new suit or dress, a great hairstyle and a table at the best restaurant? In that scenario, however, you certainly don’t want to cover your mouth when you smile.


Festive outfit for your teeth

There are modern and quick ways to discreetly correct mild to moderate cases of misaligned teeth as well as tooth discolourations. These include:

  • Aligners (transparent braces)
  • Veneers (ceramic dental shells)
  • Bleaching (teeth whitening)
  • Professional tooth cleaning

What are Aligners and Veneers?

Aligners are clear plastic braces that can gradually move the teeth into the desired position in a short time. The treatment is flexible and completely compatible with your everyday life and does not impose any restrictions at work or during sports. Aligners are manufactured by taking a 3D scan of the jaw and teeth and by using 3D printing to create custom-fit Aligners. These exert pressure on the teeth, bringing them into the desired position. Once the jaw is fully developed and the dentition is suitable for Aligner therapy, treatment can take place at any time to correct the following teeth misalignments within a few months: tooth gaps, open bite, deep bite, overbite, end-to-end bite, tipped teeth (mostly due to crowding).

Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic shells, which are attached to the desired teeth to cover discolourations, gaps or imperfect tooth shapes. Veneers are durable, have a natural look and are resistant to discolouration.

bestsmile has the right solution for you

Whether you are interested in Veneers or Aligners, our dentists will offer you professional advice and find the right solution for you. If you opt for the Aligner treatment of both jaws, a free home bleaching is included in the price.

The prices for Aligners start at CHF 2490. You may also choose to pay your treatment in monthly instalments from CHF 40. With bestsmile Aligner, the smile of your dreams is much more affordable and faster compared to a treatment with conventional braces. The prices for Veneers start at CHF 1900 a pair. bestsmile practices are located in over 35 cities throughout Switzerland.

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