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Tooth position

bestsmile attachments – more power to straighten your teeth

Attachments are small plastic buttons that are used to support the aligner treatment.


Their purpose is to increase the force transmission of the aligner to the teeth. In other words, they are additional pressure points between the aligner and the teeth. This may be necessary for certain cases of misaligned teeth and for teeth that are too short. During your first visit, your bestsmile dentist will determine whether attachments are necessary for your treatment.

What are attachments made of?

Attachments are prefabricated by machine with the highest precision. The plastic is composed of biocompatible resins (plastic matrix) as well as quartz and glass (filler). So-called silanes bind the matrix firmly to the fillers.

Firmly bonded to the tooth

To ensure that the attachments sit firmly on the teeth, they are bonded to the teeth with dental composite. A key element here is that the contact surface is properly dry. After applying the composite, it is hardened with a dental curing light. The position and fit of the attachments are checked regularly during the aligner treatment. As soon as the pressure points are no longer necessary, they can be removed at your bestsmile practice without leaving any trace. Attachments are tooth-coloured and therefore hardly noticeable.

How much do attachments cost?

Applying attachments costs CHF 400 per jaw. Our dental technicians and dentists will determine the required number of attachments, which also depends on the type of malposition.

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