We apply very strict hygiene standards in the practices and in our production. You can take your appointment for your free 3D scan without hesitation.

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About bestsmile – Who we are

Clear mission, clear vision.

The technology

In the past 20 years, five million people worldwide have been successfully treated with clear aligners.

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Our mission

We make dental corrections possible for all people at a fair price.

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Our vision

We want to strengthen people in their self-confidence and well-being.

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We rely on Swiss quality: our clear aligners are produced in Switzerland using the latest 3D technology.

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Our product

Our product

Directly from the producer to the customer. We produce our clear aligners in Switzerland. bestsmile conducts the entire process itself, from the scan to production and logistics. This makes our aligners affordable in spite of meeting the highest quality standards. To protect the environment, all bestsmile Aligner can be recycled at our practices.

Our concept

Our concept

At bestsmile, you’re a customer, not a patient – we’re easy-going and treat our customers as equals. Our locations won’t remind you of a dental practice – our boutique-style practices feature a minimalist design. All bestsmile practices are located on the ground level in pedestrian-accessible locations. We are completely digitalised – you’ll scarcely come into contact with paper at bestsmile.

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