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bestsmile Aligner Clear braces

Straighten your teeth with clear Aligners in just 3–12 months.

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Clear Aligner

What is bestsmile Aligner?

bestsmile clear Aligners are transparent dental braces that straighten your teeth in just 3 to 12 months. They can close tooth gaps with long-lasting results or straighten crooked teeth. Clear Aligners are hardly visible when worn and can be removed at any time. bestsmile Aligner braces are BPA-free and can be recycled.

10-year guarantee
on your tooth position with a wire retainer.

Guarantee on your result
Additional Aligners are free of charge until you are happy with your result.

More about the bestsmile Guarantee

How do bestsmile clear Aligners work?

After taking a 3D scan, your individual Aligners will be produced with the latest technology. Your treatment begins after just 2 appointments. Every 2 weeks you switch to the next Aligner. Your teeth will be straightened gently and with medical support by the bestsmile dentists. With long-lasting results.

Clear Aligner before-after: model
Clear Aligner before-after: model
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bestsmile benefits

  • Fair prices
  • Can be removed at any time
  • Hardly visible and discreet
  • Fast results

Our trained bestsmile dentists will accompany you during your treatment. In addition to being able to approach them with questions at any time, they will also carry out follow-up checks to see whether your treatment is progressing as desired.

Your smile – our responsibility

  • Dental assistance

    from the first appointment to the final check-up

  • 10-year guarantee

    on your new tooth position with the wire retainer

  • Individual treatment plan

    with preview of your new smile

  • Your smile – our responsibility

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    from CHF 70.–/month

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    Financing options

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      Full direct payment

      To start your treatment immediately, you can pay the full amount directly at our practice or by invoice within 14 days. We will start with your treatment immediately after receiving the payment.
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      Payment by instalments, interest-free

      Payment by instalments in 6 or 12 months

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      Total amount
      from CHF 6,000 12 monthly instalments
      You pay for your treatment within 6 or 12 months in equal instalments via MF Health without interest.
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      Maximum flexibility

      Unlimited instalment payments

      1% interest

      For complete financial flexibility, we offer the option of unlimited instalments via MF Health. You pay a minimum amount
      and 1% interest on the outstanding balance will be charged.

    What bestsmile Aligner corrects

    Clear dental Aligner

    Frequently asked questions about clear Aligners

    How much does treatment with clear Aligners cost?


    Treatment with bestsmile clear Aligners starts at CHF 3,490 for one jaw and at CHF 3,990 for both jaws. No matter how long your treatment lasts. The option of monthly instalments is available from CHF 70.

    To the Aligner prices

    In complex cases, attachments may be necessary. These cost CHF 400 per jaw. Before your treatment, our team of experts will tell you if they are necessary.

    How do clear Aligners straighten my teeth?


    Treatment with bestsmile clear Aligners consists of several transparent Aligners. Each Aligner exerts a slight pressure on your teeth, which allows them to move into the desired position step by step. For best results, wear your Aligners 22 hours a day. Every 2 weeks you switch to a new Aligner.

    By the way, we show you what your new smile will look like with a 3D simulation before you start treatment.

    What is the difference between clear Aligners and fixed braces?


    The main difference compared to fixed or other types of braces is that our Aligners are almost invisible and can be removed at any time. So there are almost no restrictions in your everyday life. You can play sports without worrying and simply remove the clear braces for eating and drinking and put them back in again afterwards.

    After treatment, you can return your Aligners to us – we will recycle them for you.

    What material are bestsmile Aligner braces made of?


    Our Aligners are made of medical PET (polyethylene terephthalate) / PU (polyurethane). They do not contain any plasticisers and are BPA-free.

    By the way, after treatment, you can return your Aligners to us and we will recycle them for you.

    Will my health insurance provider cover the cost of the Aligner treatment?


    Whether your health insurance provider covers the cost of your Aligner treatment depends on your supplementary dental insurance. It’s best to contact your health insurance provider. If they cover the costs of your bestsmile treatment, you may request a detailed invoice and send it to your health insurance provider.

    What is the difference between a bestsmile Aligner and a bestsmile Night Aligner?


    The biggest difference to our bestsmile Aligner is the wearing time of the Night Aligner. The Night Aligner should be worn at night for 8–10 hours and requires a slightly longer treatment time compared to our conventional bestsmile Aligner.

    When will you get your new smile?

    Book your free 3D scan and consultation appointment now

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    What are clear aligners or transparent braces?

    Aligners, also known as clear aligners, are orthodontic appliances used to align teeth. They are made of plastic and are transparent.

    The modern “clear aligners” were developed and patented in the USA in 1998. The patent expired in 2017 and companies such as bestsmile are now introducing aligners in Europe. Aligners can correct mild to moderate cases of misaligned teeth in a significantly shorter time and at a lower price than conventional braces. The plastic aligners are made of transparent PET and PU, which allows for a discreet, hardly visible treatment. Aligners are therefore often referred to as clear braces. The function is similar to metal braces: a continuous pressure on the teeth moves the misaligned teeth into the correct position. Some treatments may require attachments.

    Clear Aligners in orthodontics

    The term “aligner” comes from the word “align” and it stands for the comfortable alternative to conventional teeth braces. Invisible braces offer a simple solution to straighten your teeth without anyone noticing. With their thin plastic surface, transparent aligners are very comfortable to wear, their concept is straightforward and they are compatible with your everyday life. Even if you’re afraid of going to the dentist, the bestsmile Aligner therapy will be a positive experience. The dental team at bestsmile is very kind and understanding of your needs, and with their stylish ambience, our bestsmile practices are a far cry from the standard dentist’s office. There’s no room for dental fear and it’s definitely worth booking a free appointment.

    Clear Aligners from bestsmile

    Aligners from bestsmile are transparent and removable teeth braces. People around you will not notice that you are wearing them and they will help you get your new smile in just 3–12 months. We are the Swiss market leader in teeth straightening with aligners and your competent partner. The almost invisible braces are custom-made for you with state-of-the art technology. An aligner set will guide you step by step. Your goal: straight teeth. bestsmile Aligner is produced according to a 3D scan of your teeth and is a high-precision Swiss product. The new transparent aligners are perfectly compatible with your everyday life. No more surprised colleagues or customers, and no more Instagram pictures that need editing. Your in-person appearance will also improve and you will finally get beautiful teeth without others noticing. As you go along your day, you can close the gap between your teeth or straighten crooked teeth. Aligners from bestsmile are the ideal invisible braces for adults and teenagers who do not want to give up their freedom and who strive for long-lasting results.

    Teeth straightening with invisible braces

    When you think of braces and dental correction, you immediately think of a cold dental practice and of the sound of clinical instruments such as dental drills? This is definitely not the case at bestsmile. Located on the shopping street of your city, you’ll find the stylishly furnished and boutique-like bestsmile practices. Here you will immediately feel welcome and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. There’s no time for dental fear – you will be a proud owner of the latest beauty product, the beauty hack that celebrities use to straighten their teeth, your bestsmile Aligner. Our dental team offers competent consultations on equal footing. We will determine the position of your teeth with a 3D scan, and after the consultation you will even see a 3D simulation of how your teeth will move throughout the treatment. You will definitely be surprised. Welcome to the new era of dental correction. Welcome to bestsmile.

    Transparent, removable and effective

    Before starting their treatment, many patients were skeptical whether bestsmile Aligner could offer the same results as the old school fixed braces or brackets. The results and positive experiences with clear Aligners speak for themselves. Yes, the invisible braces guarantee the best results despite all the freedom they offer when wearing them. By swapping to the next aligner every two weeks, the transparent aligners move your teeth into the correct position and can close teeth gaps or correct malpositions. The almost invisible braces correct your teeth without anyone noticing and are therefore more hygienic than fixed braces, since both your teeth and the braces can be thoroughly cleaned. To make sure that your results are lasting and that you will be satisfied in the long run, after treatment you will get a retainer aligner, also known as night aligner, or a wire retainer, which keeps your teeth in the right place.

    The affordable way to get best results

    By now you know that braces can be invisible. The process of teeth straightening is different nowadays. You will also be surprised by how transparent the prices are at bestsmile. While conventional teeth braces by an orthodontist can often be quite pricey due to lengthy treatments, you can get your bestsmile Aligner at a low and fixed price, which is far below the cost of conventional braces for adults. No hidden costs, no invoices for dental services or appointments. There is only a one-off fee of CHF 100 for the 3D scan. But this cost will be credited to your account if you sign the contract to start your treatment. The bestsmile Aligner is all you pay for. Don’t worry if you haven’t saved up enough money – we offer the option of payment by monthly instalments.

    Change your life

    The small bestsmile Aligner will change your life without anyone noticing that you are wearing it. The almost invisible braces change your smile and the overall impression of your teeth. But straight teeth are not enough, there’s more: you got into the habit of covering up your mouth with your hand when you smile because you're ashamed of the gap between your teeth? Your crooked teeth bother you on every group photo? While others show their beautiful smile, you pinch your lips and hide behind your long hair? We all know these tricks, but you will no longer need them. With a free and sincere smile thanks to the aligners you will make a great impression and you will appear more self-confident. The experiences with clear Aligners from bestsmile show this very clearly.

    How does bestsmile Aligner impact your health?

    By wearing the bestsmile Aligner you are also improving your health. Oral hygiene is important to prevent infections by viruses or bacteria. If you are unable to close your mouth due to, for example, a malposition, your teeth will be more exposed to diseases. But malpositioned teeth also have a negative impact on your muscular balance and nerves between your jaw and your spine. A jaw that is not positioned as well as it could causes other movements when chewing and may result in teeth grinding at night, tension or backache. Also headaches and tinnitus could be caused by an unbalanced jaw. Simply book an appointment and get a consultation by a bestsmile dentist to find out if you are a candidate for the bestsmile Aligner.

    Lifestyle – straight teeth

    Beautiful teeth are part of our lifestyle and according to statistics, straight teeth are even the second most important criterion when choosing a partner! Feeling comfortable in your own skin, being able to smile openly and thus radiate self-confidence and health – these are all aspects that contribute to the overall impression you make on others. Tooth gaps or crooked teeth are common among many people. Hardly anyone is born with perfect teeth, but it’s easy to change that. Over 56% of 15–24-year-old Swiss people have worn braces at one point of their life.* But if you remember unpleasant dental impressions, mumbling issues, wired teeth or tedious food debris in your braces, you do not yet know that there is a more modern alternative that is cheaper, more comfortable and much faster: bestsmile Aligner. Find out if the treatment with our transparent braces is the right solution for you. These experiences with clear Aligners speak for themselves!