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Step 1

Book an appointment

Schedule your free appointment online. Visit us at over 25 locations across Switzerland – in your area and without waiting times.

Step 2

3D scan and consultation

Our dentists will carry out a 3D scan of your teeth – without you feeling any pain and without uncomfortable impressions – to create your personal treatment plan. This will cost you a one-off fee of CHF 100, which will be credited back to you when you sign your treatment contract.

Free 3D scan
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Step 3

Discussion of treatment plan

At your appointment, our expert dentists will show you the treatment plan for your dental correction, which is created by our dental technicians and our team of dentists.

Step 4

Start of treatment

Your bestsmile Aligner or Veneer treatment can begin! Our team of dentists will accompany you from the initial consultation to the final check-up, to make sure you get your most beautiful smile.

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Dental assistance

Our specialist medical staff will be with you and advise you free of charge during every step of the way over the course of your treatment.

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All bestsmile products are custom-made in our own production facility in Switzerland.

10-year guarantee

We take responsibility for your result and we give you a 10-year guarantee.

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bestsmile Aligner

Frequently asked questions

How can I book a free scan appointment?


It’s easy: online, by phone or in person in one of over 25 bestsmile practices throughout Switzerland.

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How long does the 3D scan take?


The 3D scan of your jaws only takes a few minutes. But we set aside half an hour for your first appointment in order to discuss all the details and the initial treatment prognosis with you.

Can I come to the appointment without an OPT X-ray?


You may come to the first appointment without an OPT X-ray, which you may bring us later. If you do not have an X-ray, we would be happy to take one for you for CHF 150. The most important thing is that we get your X-ray before your second appointment

When will you get your new smile?

Book your free 3D scan and consultation appointment now

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Aligner therapy with bestsmile

Aligners from bestsmile are thin, clear and removable teeth braces that correct teeth without brackets. The transparent braces will be produced after we take a 3D scan of your teeth and the aligners can be inserted quickly and conveniently with a click. The aligner therapy is becoming more and more popular because its mode of action is non-invasive and the aligners are hardly visible to others. When eating or drinking, the teeth braces can be easily removed and are therefore more hygienic than other types of braces. bestsmile Aligner is the ideal solution for most cases of malpositioned teeth, including: end-to-end bite, overbite tipped teeth, spacing, open bite and deep bite. After a consultation, the bestsmile dentist will determine whether you are a candidate for the dental correction without braces.

How it works

The bestsmile Aligner therapy is simple and offers a treatment with braces without brackets and also corrects malpositioned teeth in adults. The discreet bestsmile Aligner allows to close gaps between your teeth and to straighten crooked teeth. You wish to straighten your teeth and benefit from the advantages of the bestsmile Aligner therapy? Simply book an appointment online at bestsmile and start your treatment after only 2 appointments.

Your aligner therapy in just a few steps

  • Choose your personal consultation appointment on the bestsmile website. Our practices are located throughout Switzerland, also in your area.

  • During your free appointment, the bestsmile dental team will make a 3D scan of your teeth to determine your malposition. During this step, you will know if you’re a candidate for the aligner treatment.

  • We will then create an individual treatment plan for you, which a bestsmile dentist will discuss with you during the second appointment. You can see the result of your dental correction in a simulation and order your aligners.

  • Your clear aligners will then be custom-made in Switzerland. When collecting your aligners, your bestsmile team will give you an introduction and you can start your treatment right away. For an ideal result, you swap to a new aligner every 14 days. All necessary aligners will be delivered in an aligner box. This gives you full planning reliability.

  • Once you’ve achieved your treatment goal, the gap between your teeth has been closed and your teeth are straight, you will use a retainer aligner at night to ensure the results are lasting.

Aligner therapy to straighten malpositioned teeth

Aligners are transparent teeth braces that straighten your teeth, even if you’re an adult. They are the ideal solution if you want to improve your smile without having to use conventional brackets and wish to avoid any disadvantage that brackets might bring to your professional and daily life. Depending on your malposition, clear aligners can close the gap between your teeth or straighten crooked teeth. Experiences with clear Aligners show impressive stories and how these clear braces have changed many lives.

Dental correction without conventional braces

Braces that straighten your teeth without conventional brackets offer many benefits compared to the traditional methods of teeth straightening. Our transparent aligners are almost invisible and easy to use and do not compromise your daily habits in any way. Whether on the job, while doing sports or on the go – the aligner therapy offers you a treatment with almost no restrictions and without compromising your looks. Without others noticing, the transparent braces close teeth gaps or straighten crooked teeth that have been bothering you for a long time. The aligner treatment without conventional braces is the ideal solution for people that do not want to give up their freedom but still strive for great results with medical advice.

Braces without wires

Compared to other types of braces, bestsmile Aligner is completely wire free. Our clear aligners are made of medical PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and PU (polyurethane). Furthermore, they do not contain any BPA or plasticizers. We will determine the position of your teeth with a 3D scan and create a personal treatment plan to close the gap between your teeth. The aligner therapy is custom-made for you – our bestsmile dentists offer you a personal consultation to make sure the braces are tailored towards your needs. Teeth straightening has never been so easy.