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Change your life. Secretly. From 95.-/month

bestsmile aligner
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Teeth correction with
bestsmile Aligner

From 95.-/month

Beautiful teeth in the blink of an eye  bestsmile Aligner straighten your teeth in just a few months. You’ll receive your clear aligner after two consultations and you can start right away. Swiss quality at an affordable price.

How it works:

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Select an appointment

Choose your free consultation online or by phone.

1st appointment: 3D scan and consultation

Free 3D scan and dental consultation. One-time fee of CHF 99 for the treatment plan.

2nd appointment: Treatment plan

At the second appointment, our dentist will discuss your personal treatment plan with you.

Order aligners

Your aligners & retainers will be produced using a 3D-printing procedure. The CHF 99 are credited to your account.*

* The creation of your treatment plan is subject to a one-time fee of CHF 99. This amount is credited to your account for the purchase of aligners. However, if you decide to not proceed with the treatment, this fee will apply.

Customer reviews of bestsmile on Google

“The whole team is extremely friendly, helpful and efficient. The braces are completely transparent and rather pleasant to wear. And best of all, the prices and quality are unbeatable! Other dentists’ estimates for braces range from 3,000 to 10,000 francs.
My husband, my sister and my brother-in-law also want the bestsmile treatment.”


Simona Kenny

“Personally, I look forward to every bestsmile appointment. Dental technology is one thing and human contact is another. The human relationship is the most important thing and this is what makes the difference. Therefore I can only leave extremely positive comments about bestsmile. I thank the entire bestsmile team!!!!”

Giovanni Maltese

“It’s incredible, I’ve recovered beautiful teeth in a short time! Time passes supervised and every two weeks, you can see the difference! I am very satisfied with the result and wholeheartedly recommend bestsmile! Best regards”

Asia Ahmetjanova

Modern teeth straightening with aligners

We work with the most advanced 3D technology in the dental industry. Our bestsmile dentists can help you achieve a stunning smile in just a few months.

Cheaper than fixed braces

Get your clear aligners from bestsmile starting at just CHF 95/month. Keep your money for holidays.

*1% interest on the remaining amount per month.

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Swiss Made

100% Swiss quality – production, consultation and support all take place in Switzerland.


bestsmile aligners are clear and can be paid for in monthly instalments starting at just CHF 95/month.


Enjoy your life to the fullest. You can simply take out your bestsmile aligner to eat or drink at any time.


Beautiful teeth in just a few months – after just two appointments at our practice.

Free appointment
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Dear customers

Due to the current circumstances we have to temporarily close our practices until April 19th. We are looking forward to welcoming you again from Monday, April 20th. You can of course make an appointment online right now.

All existing customers will be informed about the next steps via email.
Thank you for your understanding and your patience!