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bestsmile Aarau


Hintere Vorstadt 8 , 5000 Aarau

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bestsmile Baden


Badstrasse 34 , 5400 Baden

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bestsmile Basel


Gerbergasse 48 , 4001 Basel

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bestsmile bern neuengasse

Bern Wankdorf

Papiermühlestrasse 85 , 3014 Bern

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bestsmile bern neuengasse

Bern Neuengasse

Neuengasse 43 , 3011 Bern

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bestsmile chur


Poststrasse 6 , 7000 Chur

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bestsmile Fribourg


Avenue de la Gare 10 , 1700 Fribourg

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bestsmile geneve cornavin

Geneva Cornavin

Rue du Mont Blanc 11 , 1201 Geneva

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bestsmile genf

Geneva Molard

Rue Robert-Céard 5 , 1204 Geneva

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bestsmile lausanne


Rue de Bourg 23 , 1003 Lausanne

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bestsmile lugano


Via Pretorio 11 , 6900 Lugano

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bestsmile luzern


Rössligasse 17 , 6002 Lucerne

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bestsmile montreux


Avenue du Casino 38 , 1820 Montreux

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bestsmile Neuchâtel


Rue de l'Hôpital 4 , 2000 Neuchâtel

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bestsmile olten


Baslerstrasse 44 , 4600 Olten

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bestsmile rapperswil sonnenhof

Rapperswil Sonnenhof

Zürcherstrasse 4 , 8640 Rapperswil

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bestsmile sion


Rue du Rhône 9 , 1950 Sion

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bestsmile St. Gallen

St. Gallen

Neugasse 44 , 9000 St. Gallen

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bestsmile Uster


Poststrasse 9 , 8610 Uster

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bestsmile Wil


Obere Bahnhofstrasse 28 , 9500 Wil

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bestsmile Winterthur


Untertor 18 , 8400 Winterthur

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bestsmile Zug


Baarerstrasse 20 , 6300 Zug

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bestsmile Zürich Bellevue

Zurich Bellevue

Rämistrasse 5 , 8001 Zurich

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bestsmile Zürich Altstetten

Zurich Altstetten

Altstetterstrasse 145 , 8048 Zurich

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bestsmile Zürich Hardstrasse

Zurich Hardstrasse

Hardstrasse 301 , 8005 Zurich

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bestsmile Zürich Löwenstrasse

Zurich Löwenstrasse

Löwenstrasse 16 , 8001 Zurich

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bestsmile Zürich Oerlikon

Zurich Oerlikon

Andreasstrasse 5 , 8050 Zurich

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bestsmile – dental correction in Switzerland

Addresses for dental correction of bestsmile practices in Switzerland can be found here. The boutique-like practices are located throughout Switzerland in very central locations and in your area, and offer a state-of-the-art treatment with clear teeth braces. Every practice has its own style.

In-house production in Switzerland

We produce Swiss aligners near our headquarter in Winterthur. The modern production line of bestsmile Switzerland is characterised by satisfied employees and the close ties to the other departments of the company. Our goal is to constantly improve the quality of our products in order to always give our patients the very best. Since December 2020 we are also producing Veneers.

Fair prices

Our all-in-one approach to added value enables us to pass on the resulting cost savings to you through affordable prices (from CHF 70.– per month) and flexible payment methods. In every bestsmile practice the entire treatment is supervised by our dentists and medical professionals. The positive experiences with the dental correction made in Switzerland speak for themselves.

bestsmile dentists near me

Located in the most central locations in Switzerland, our bestsmile practices fit perfectly into the cityscape of the cities and are inspired by the city’s character and by their people. The high-quality equipment and furniture with harmoniously matched colours and bright elements will make your visit an unforgettable experience. Our locations will not remind you of a dental practice – getting your dental correction at bestsmile Switzerland will be a unique experience.

Cost of teeth braces in Switzerland

Many people wonder how much teeth braces cost in Switzerland. The answer is that it depends on the type of dental correction and on the severity of your tooth malposition. At bestsmile Switzerland we take a 3D scan of your teeth to determine whether you are a candidate for the treatment and we’ll give you an extensive consultation. We offer convenient monthly instalment plans, so you won’t have to pay the entire amount up front. Prices for the teeth braces start at CHF 70.–/month and you will always keep on top of the cost.

Testimonials of the Swiss teeth braces

At all locations, bestsmile Switzerland offers individual consultations to all patients, including a 3D scan of their teeth. This is in place of the formerly standard process of making a mould. We will give you a consultation in line with Swiss quality standards and we’ll make sure you get the best possible aligner treatment for your malposition. bestsmile Aligner is Swiss-made and combines our expertise and state-of-the-art technology in a product that makes dental correction in Switzerland easier than ever before. Our aligners guarantee long-lasting results and people around you will not notice that you are wearing them.

Enjoy complete freedom with bestsmile Aligner

In all our locations, patients benefit from our new and Swiss-made teeth braces. The aligners can easily be removed at any time, are easy to handle and offer excellent oral hygiene. The transparent braces are hardly visible on photos or when smiling and patients can enjoy almost complete freedom at work or while doing sports. With conventional teeth braces from an orthodontist this would not be possible.