bestsmile Night Aligner Night-time braces

The transparent night-time braces straighten your teeth in your sleep.

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Night time braces
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What is bestsmile Night Aligner?

Night Aligners are clear braces that you wear at night. By wearing them only 8–10 hours per night, you can close small tooth gaps and correct mild tooth misalignments. Our Night Aligners are manufactured in Switzerland by bestsmile, are BPA-free and recyclable.

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How bestsmile Night Aligner works

The treatment with our night braces takes place over a period of several months, during which you normally switch to a new Aligner every 2 weeks. The Aligners need to be worn and changed until your teeth have moved into the desired position. Our dentists will be happy to advise you in our practices.

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Enjoy your day without braces.

Advantages of bestsmile Night Aligner

  • Discreet teeth straightening while you sleep
  • Only 8–10 hours wearing time
  • Fast results
  • Fair price

Our trained bestsmile dentists will accompany you during your treatment. In addition to being able to approach them with questions at any time, they also carry out follow-up checks to see whether your treatment is progressing as desired.

Prices of the bestsmile treatment

One jaw from CHF 2490

From CHF 40/month

Both jaws from CHF 3490

From CHF 60/month


CHF 500 discount combined with the Veneer treatment.

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The treatment consists of several Night Aligners.


Frequently asked questions about Night Aligners

What is the difference between a bestsmile Aligner and a bestsmile Night Aligner?

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The biggest difference to our bestsmile Aligner is the wearing time of the Night Aligner. The Night Aligner should be worn at night for 8–10 hours and requires a slightly longer treatment time compared to our conventional bestsmile Aligner.

How does the bestsmile Night Aligner straighten my teeth?

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The bestsmile Night Aligner treatment consists of several transparent Aligners. Each Aligner exerts a slight pressure on your teeth, which allows them to move into the desired position step by step. For best results, wear your Night Aligner for 8–10 hours per night. Every 2 weeks you switch to a new Aligner.

By the way, we show you what your new smile will look like with a 3D simulation before you start your treatment.

What misalignments can be corrected with the bestsmile Night Aligner treatment?

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Our Night Aligner can close small tooth gaps and correct minor misalignments. At your first appointment, our expert dentists will tell you whether you are a candidate for the Night Aligner treatment.

How long does the bestsmile Night Aligner treatment take?

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On average, the Night Aligner treatment takes between 4–14 months. It also depends on how many Aligners are required to straighten your teeth.

When will you get your new smile?

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