Tooth gaps – Causes, treatment & costs

Hardly anyone is born with perfect teeth. But luckily, professional teeth straightening can solve most problems.

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Can tooth gaps be closed?

If the gap between your teeth has been bothering you since childhood, today you have the opportunity to get rid of it. The treatment is very discreet and is carried out with swiss made braces that do not require any metal or wires.

Celebrities & tooth gaps

Hollywood stars have shown us that it is possible, and today many people straighten their teeth casually and discreetly with Aligners. This treatment is available to people over 16 years of age, and in the case of a tooth gap it takes approximately 4 months.

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Tooth gap – a distinctive feature or beauty flaw?

Gaps between the teeth bother many people in photos or when smiling. Some bestsmile patients state that they even got into the habit of covering their mouth or turning away when they smile because of the gaps between their teeth.

But for some people, gap teeth are simply part of their look and are not necessarily a beauty flaw, and consider them true beauty marks, including well-known actors and models. Gaps between the incisors, however, can be quite striking, and some patients have suffered for many years because of them. Transparent Aligners can easily close these gaps, shifting the teeth into the desired position. Of course, the result depends on the degree of the patient’s malocclusion and on the overall condition of the dentition. Your bestsmile dentist will tell you whether, and to what extent, our clear braces can close the gaps between your teeth.

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Tooth gap before/after

Tooth gap before-after

Diastema – Types and causes

The most common type of malocclusion is the tooth gap, the so-called diastema, which is considered by many to be a beauty flaw if it is quite striking and located between the upper incisors. Such a gap is often hereditary, the cause being a labial frenulum that is set too low. However, another cause is also a disproportion between the tooth sizes and the width of the jaws, resulting in too much space. But fortunately, closing a tooth gap with transparent Aligners is possible.

Causes of a diastema

  • Low labial frenulum
  • Teeth that are too small
  • Teeth of different sizes
  • A jawbone that is too wide

Close the gap with bestsmile Aligner

It largely depends on your initial situation whether you can close your diastema with bestsmile Aligner braces within 3–12 months. Our transparent braces are the ideal solution to close a diastema and are available at fair prices starting at CHF 3490 or in instalments from CHF 70/month.

At your first appointment, your bestsmile dentist will advise you and tell you if the transparent braces can close a diastema in your specific case. The dentist will take a 3D image of your teeth with a 3D scanner, without having to use unpleasant dental impressions. At your second appointment, your bestsmile dentist will explain your treatment plan and show you the final result with a 3D simulation.

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Close tooth gap
Close tooth gap

Last update: 05.09.2023


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