Crooked teeth – Causes and treatment options

Crooked or slanted teeth are often perceived as imperfections and unaesthetic. But there is a simple solution: Aligners.

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Crooked teeth

What causes crooked teeth?

No two jaws are alike. Therefore, the reasons for crooked teeth are also very different for each individual. If, for example, the size relationship between the jaw and the teeth is not optimal, the teeth push against each other and may become crowded.

Tooth gaps

If patients have a gap between their teeth and do not have it treated, neighbouring teeth can move into the free area in the jaw, tilt in or become crooked.


If gingivitis (gum inflammation) is left untreated, the periodontium weakens, and teeth might migrate or tilt.

Bad habits

Bad habits such as nail biting, tongue or lip pressing and teeth grinding can also cause misaligned teeth.

In adults, the front teeth in the lower jaw are often prone to shift. This phenomenon is called mesial drift and indicates a natural migration of the incisors towards the midline.

How to prevent crooked teeth

If you want to prevent crooked teeth from the outset, there are a few tips to follow starting from the primary dentition. If the deciduous teeth are extracted early, it is recommended to insert space holders until the change of teeth is complete. The same applies to gaps in the permanent dentition, which should be taken care of by a dentist to prevent neighbouring teeth from leaning into the gap.

If teeth become loose due to periodontitis or an accident, they should be fixed with a wire to avoid tooth migration and tilting. To prevent damage to the jaw and teeth from clenching and grinding, the patient should wear a grinding guard.

After successfully completing an orthodontic treatment with braces or Aligners, it is recommended to apply a wire retainer. This ensures that the achieved tooth position is maintained in the long term.

If you are interested in straightening your teeth with clear aligners, our dentists will be happy to advise you free of charge.

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Crooked teeth before/after

Crooked teeth before-after

Treatment options for crooked teeth

The best treatment for each individual patient depends on the type and severity of the malocclusion. In mild and moderate cases, removable braces or Aligners can bring the teeth into the correct position. In severe cases, however, the only option is often fixed braces or even prostheses. In most cases, however, several types of braces can be used.

Experiences with clear Aligners

Straighten crooked teeth

bestsmile Aligner

For mild to moderate malocclusions, bestsmile Aligner is an excellent solution for straightening crooked or slanted teeth. The transparent Aligners are custom-made for the patient’s teeth and help to achieve a beautiful smile in 3–12 months. To keep your smile in place in the long term, you can also have a wire retainer applied at bestsmile. Our dentists will be happy to offer you advice in a practice of your choice.

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Last update: 22.03.2023


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