Gum lift and gum contouring: beautiful gums with a diode laser

Correcting your teeth isn't always the only solution for achieving a beautiful smile. Correcting your frenulum or gums can be a good way to further enhance your smile. We explain these two laser treatments in detail below.

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Gum lift

What's the deal with having good-looking gums?

How your smile looks depends a lot on your teeth. However, having nice gums is also important to the overall aesthetic. That's why a lot of patients don't just want beautiful teeth – they want beautiful gums as well. A gum lift, gum contouring or a gum correction, could put the finishing touch on your new smile, especially when combined with a Veneers treatment.

The reasons for a gum lift are often aesthetic in nature, not health-related:

  • disproportionate relationship between gums and teeth
  • uneven contours at the borders of the gums
  • excessive gum show when laughing or speaking, known as a gummy smile

How much does a gum lift cost?

The cost of your gum correction depends on how much correction is needed. At bestsmile, a gum lift for a single tooth costs CHF 200. For more than one tooth, we calculate based on how many sextants require correction (in dentistry, the jaw is divided into six areas). A gum lift for one sextant – for example, the front teeth – costs CHF 400.

A gum lift can provide the finishing touch on your new smile. At bestsmile, we offer gum correction exclusively in combination with Aligner or Veneers treatment.

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Does health insurance cover the costs of a gum lift?

The costs for aesthetic gum correction usually have to be paid out of pocket, meaning they won't be covered by your health insurer. If you're uncertain, we recommend you contact your insurance company directly. They can advise you on your situation and let you know about any possibilities to receive a reimbursement.

Gum lift: before and after

Gum lift: before and after
Gum lift: before and after

How does gum correction work?

Unlike surgical operations with a scalpel, laser gum contouring doesn't cut away any tissue. Rather, excess gum tissue is finely removed with a laser where it borders the teeth.

Laser gum corrections are very precise. The exact contouring of the gum tissue is achieved thanks to the precision of the diode laser and the minimally invasive, low-bleeding method. Usually no special after-care or follow-up treatments are necessary. The procedure is fast and effective.

The results of a gum correction are visible right after the brief healing period and usually last a long time. You'll usually see the final result around a week after treatment, once you've healed completely.

Gum lift – frequently asked questions

Is it painful to have your gums lifted, contoured or corrected?

Laser gum correction is minimally invasive and usually not very painful. After your gums are treated, you may experience some slight tingling or prickling pain. This is completely normal, will pass quickly and can be treated with normal pain relievers.

Gum lifts are among the safest procedures in aesthetic medicine. The complications and risks are extremely low. Your bestsmile dentist will advise you and give you detailed information about the entire procedure.

Is it necessary to receive anaesthesia for a gum or frenum correction?

Usually we use local anaesthetic for gum corrections. That means that we numb the area that will be treated.

How long does a gum lift take?

At bestsmile, we perform gum lifts on an outpatient basis – right in our practice, without overnight stays or long waiting times. Usually we wait until your last Aligner or Veneers appointment to beautify and contour your gums. The treatment is performed by our expert staff and often requires only a few minutes, depending on how much correction is needed. After a gum lift, you'll come to our practice for a follow-up appointment.

Dental laser treatments are only carried out by highly trained dentists. Even though the treatment seems short, it involves solid preparation and the highest degree of precision.

Can I correct my gums if I have gingivitis?

Our expert team of dentists can advise you on the requirements for your individual aesthetic gum correction.

What should I watch out for following a laser gum lift?

Your teeth and gums may be somewhat sensitive after treatment. You may also experience slight swelling. You should avoid hot and spicy food directly following the procedure. Smoking and alcohol can also disrupt the healing process, so we recommend waiting at least one week before smoking or drinking again.

You can clean your teeth as usual: use a manual toothbrush in the beginning to avoid putting too much pressure on your gums. You should only use mouthwash that has been suggested to you by your dentist. Usually your teeth and gums will be completely healed up again after a week, at which point you no longer need to follow any special care instructions.

Remember: good oral and dental hygiene are requirements for healthy teeth both before and after the treatment.

Correction of the labial frenulum

What is the labial frenulum?

The labial frenulum is a small band of mucous membrane between the upper and lower incisors and the oral mucosa. The labial frenulum consists of connective tissue and oral mucosa.

Why correct the labial frenulum?

Your labial frenulum can also be corrected just like your gums. This procedure can be indicated for a variety of reasons.

When the frenulum is too thick or hangs too low, it can cause a tooth gap. In some cases, a deformed frenum can also cause the gums to recede.

There are two types of frenum correction:

  • frenectomy
  • frenotomy

A frenectomy involves the complete removal of the frenulum. Sometimes a frenectomy is performed as part of orthodontic treatment, for instance to correct a tooth gap. It can make dental care easier or relieve uncomfortable tension at the gum line.

In contrast, a frenotomy is just a cut or a repositioning of the frenulum. Which treatment is best for you depends on your specific case and the results you are trying to achieve. At bestsmile, we can provide a frenulum correction for CHF 300, exclusively in combination with Aligner or Veneers treatment.

Advantages of a laser frenulum correction

Just as with the gums, the frenulum can be corrected with conventional surgical methods or with a laser. The laser method offers a number of advantages compared to the operative approach:

  • low pain
  • improved healing
  • less scarring
  • no gauze or stitches
  • faster procedure
  • Little to no bleeding during the procedure

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