Gummy smile correction

What exactly is a gummy smile and how can it be corrected to create a more harmonious smile? Everything you need to know about the gummy smile.

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Gummy Smile

What is a gummy smile?

The term ‘gummy smile’ describes a smile that displays a lot of gum. The balance between upper lip, tooth size and gums is not right, causing too much gum tissue to be exposed.

In other words, the smile is too ‘gummy’.

What is the difference between a gum lift and gummy smile correction?

A gum lift can be carried out for aesthetic or health-related reasons and encompass a variety of gum corrections. Gummy smile correction is just one of these. Its purpose is to beautify and improve the ratio between the gums and the rest of your smile.


Good to know

In dentistry, a distinction is made between gingivectomy and gingivoplasty.

  • Gingivoplasty is aesthetic gum correction. It is a surgical shaping of the gums to (re)establish aesthetic qualities.

  • Gingivectomy refers to gum removal in cases of inflamed or diseased gums.

Both treatments can be performed with a laser or scalpel.

Costs of gummy smile correction

At bestsmile, prices for gummy smile correction start at CHF 200 and depend on the extent of the correction. If more than one tooth is involved, we calculate based on sections. For every 4–6 teeth, you pay CHF 400. At bestsmile, gummy smile correction is only available in combination with Aligner or Veneer treatment.

Usually, health insurance does not cover beauty-related procedures. Contact your health insurance company directly to find out if they cover the costs of gummy smile correction.

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Causes of a gummy smile

There is no general cause for excessive gum exposure during smiling or speech, but it is usually congenital. There are several factors that can contribute to the development of a gummy smile:

  • Small teeth
  • Overdeveloped elevator muscle
  • Too short a labial frenulum, or too close a connection between gums and upper lip

How does gummy smile treatment work?

There are various treatment methods available, depending on what has caused the gummy smile. In general, a gummy smile can be corrected as follows:

Gummy smile correction with Veneers

What can be done if the teeth are too small, causing an incorrect relationship between gums and teeth? In such cases, a gummy smile can be corrected with Veneers. These wafer-thin ceramic shells are custom-made according to your wishes and can make teeth look larger.

If teeth are too small, Veneer treatment is often supplemented by laser treatment, in order to achieve an even better result.

Gummy smile correction: before and after

Gummy Smile before after

Costs of gummy smile correction with Veneers

At bestsmile, you can get Veneers for as little as CHF 80 per month. The price varies, depending on how many Veneers you opt for. Find out everything you need to know about the pricing of bestsmile Veneers on our dedicated page.

To beautify the result, we offer gum lifts starting at CHF 200 for a single tooth and CHF 400 for a group of teeth.

Usually, health insurance does not cover treatment costs for Veneers. The best thing to do is to contact your health insurance company directly to find out if they cover the costs of gummy smile correction with Veneers.

If you have any other questions about Veneer treatment, our expert dentists will be happy to answer them at your free first appointment.

Gummy smile correction with laser

After a Veneer treatment, a laser gum treatment can be the ideal add-on. This involves precise contouring of the gums’ borders and removal of excess gum tissue.

What should I pay attention to after gummy smile treatment?

In the first week after a laser gummy smile correction, the treated areas may still be somewhat sensitive. You should avoid excessive pressure, so brush your teeth gently. It is also advisable to avoid smoking, alcohol and spicy foods.

How long does the result of a laser gummy smile correction last?

As the gum tissue is removed with a laser, the result usually lasts a lifetime and the treatment does not need to be repeated. After treatment, the healing phase generally lasts about a week. After that, the result is final and long-lasting.

Gummy smile correction with Botox

In some cases, a gummy smile occurs because the muscle that raises the upper lip is overdeveloped. During laughter or speech, it contracts so tightly that the upper lip slides too far upwards, exposing a large area.

With Botox treatment, this muscle can be relaxed, preventing the upper lip from rising too high. As is the case with other Botox treatments, the effects only last for a certain amount of time. For a lasting result, the treatment has to be repeated every 6 months.

Costs of gummy smile correction with Botox

The costs of gummy smile correction with Botox vary, depending on the provider and the Botox required. In general, it costs around CHF 250 and up.

The costs of beauty-related treatments are generally not covered by health insurance.

Risks involved with gummy smile correction

There are very few risks or complications associated with gummy smile correction. In aesthetic medicine, this treatment is a routine procedure. Your gums may be sensitive immediately after the procedure, but will have healed completely within about a week.

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Last update: 21.09.2023


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