Limited-time offer: CHF 500 off Aligners and CHF 1000 off Veneers

Teeth straightening from CHF 40/month

bestsmile Aligner at fair prices.

Pricing Aligner

One jaw from CHF 1990

Option of monthly instalment from CHF 40. *

one jaw aligner

* 1% interest on the remaining amount.

Both jaws from CHF 2990

Option of monthly instalment from CHF 60. *

+ Free bleaching
two jaws aligner

Pricing Veneers

One time
Monthly price
4 Pcs.
CHF 3900
from CHF 80
6 Pcs.
CHF 5900
from CHF 120
8 Pcs.
CHF 6900
from CHF 140
10 Pcs.
CHF 7900
from CHF 160
12 Pcs.
CHF 8900
from CHF 180

For other veneers, we would be happy to advise you in one of our practices.

10-year warranty on materials and dental services
CHF 500 discount combined with the aligner treatment
Dental assistance from the first appointment to the final check-up
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bestsmile Aligner

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bestsmile prices – these are our teeth braces costs

An affordable solution from the Swiss market leader in teeth straightening using aligners. And you won’t have to compromise on quality: you will receive dental treatment with high-quality, custom braces that are almost invisible – all at a price well below the cost of treatment by an orthodontist. At bestsmile, transparent braces cost CHF 1990 for one jaw and CHF 2990 for both jaws. There is also the option of financing your aligners from just CHF 40/month.

How much teeth braces actually cost

You will normally pay up to CHF 8000 for conventional braces in Switzerland, for both fixed brackets and removable braces. Lingual braces with brackets attached to the back of the teeth can cost as much as CHF 15000. The price you pay at an orthodontist can vary according to the materials used and the length and scope of treatment, and it is hard to calculate in advance. At bestsmile, we do things differently. You have full control over teeth braces costs from the start and pay only a fraction of the standard price of teeth straightening. You will still be treated by a dentist and receive the precise, Swiss-made bestsmile Aligner. There are no hidden costs behind our invisible braces. We offer a fixed-price service with no nasty surprises later on. We even offer the option of payment by convenient monthly instalments, enabling you to keep on top of the cost of straightening your teeth.

Save time and money with bestsmile

You change your bestsmile Aligner every two weeks, which avoids expensive trips to the dentist that can quickly cause the cost of classic braces to skyrocket. And talking of speed: with bestsmile, you can straighten your teeth in just 3 to 12 months – at a fixed price and from just CHF 40/month. Standard braces need to be worn for one to three years to achieve the desired results. The standard method requires a number of appointments with an orthodontist – each of which adds to the final bill. These are cost factors you can’t control. At bestsmile, you won’t be charged extra for any additional appointments or dental services. You will only be charged for the treatment plan, which costs CHF 100. However, this fee will be credited to your account if you sign the contract to start your treatment. This makes the cost of straightening your teeth extremely transparent. You know what’s in store right from the start.

bestsmile and health insurance

It is, of course, ideal if your Swiss health insurance covers the cost of invisible braces. Every health insurance provider takes a different approach to covering teeth straightening, and it is a good idea to take out supplementary insurance. bestsmile is happy to provide detailed invoices that you can submit to your insurance provider. Straightening your teeth can be even more advantageous if it is covered by your health insurer, and we support you in this process.

how much clear braces cost near you

Our highly efficient Swiss production keeps our travel distances short – and we pass on the resulting cost savings to you. So you won’t have to choose between straightening your teeth and your next holiday or shopping trip. To keep your travel costs low as well, bestsmile has locations throughout Switzerland and in your area.