We apply very strict hygiene standards in the practices and in our production. You can take your appointment for your free 3D scan without hesitation.

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A beautiful smile is priceless

At bestsmile, prices start at just CHF 95 per month.

Here is how we determine the price
of your clear aligners.

1st appointment


3D scan of your teeth including a report and consultation with our experienced dentists.

Treatment plan

CHF 99

You make a one-time payment of CHF 99 for the creation of your personal treatment plan. If you decide to proceed with the treatment, this amount is credited to your account.

2nd appointment

Treatment plan presentation

Our dentist explains your personal treatment plan to you.

Order your aligners

From CHF 95 per month*

If you decide to proceed with the treatment, your aligners are then produced in Switzerland.

*Installment plan: 1% interest on the remaining amount per month.

Dental correction at a fair price.

Flat fee including dental services.

bestsmile price comparison
bestsmile aligner are being held

FAQ about bestsmile Aligner

Does the cost depend on the length of the treatment?

No, regardless of how long your treatment lasts the costs stay the same. The total cost for the treatment of one jaw starts at CHF 1990.-, and for both jaws at the same time starts at CHF 2990.-. (If attachments are necessary, CHF 500 per jaw.)

Does health insurance cover the costs?

Some supplemental insurance policies do pay the costs for our treatment. It’s best to check directly with your health insurance provider.

How much do the dental appointments cost?

With us, you only pay for your aligners – all dental costs are paid by us.

Is it possible to pay in instalments?

Yes, instalment payments are possible. Treatment for one jaw (upper jaw OR lower jaw) costs CHF 95 per month. Both jaws at the same time cost CHF 145 per month.

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