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Supplementary privacy notice bestsmile

1. What is this privacy notice about?

Best Smile AG (hereinafter referred to as “bestsmile”) is a provider of dental corrections and dental care. bestsmile is part of Migros Group. The processing of personal data in relation to bestsmile is subject to the General Privacy Notice of Migros Group, which you can read here: https://privacy.migros.ch/en.html

This supplementary privacy notice contains additional information on data processing in relation to bestsmile. It applies in addition to the General Privacy Notice.

2. Who is responsible for data processing?

The following company ("we" or "us") is generally responsible for data processing relating to bestsmile:

Best Smile AG
Neuwiesenstrasse 15
CH-8400 Winterthur

In certain cases, another Migros Group company may also be solely or jointly responsible with us for data processing.

If you have any questions about our processing of your personal data in relation to bestsmile, or wish to exercise one of your data protection rights, you can contact us as follows:

[email protected]

3. Which personal data do we process?

As a provider of dental corrections and dental care, we process the following personal data in particular:

  • Information on the position of teeth, including malpositioned teeth and jaws;
  • Information on current and previous dental and gum disease, pathological changes to the teeth or oral cavity, and visual impairments (e.g., discolouration);
  • Information on implants, crowns or other ceramic restorations;
  • Information about your lifestyle and habits, insofar as these may affect your dental health and treatment (e.g., teeth grinding, oral hygiene, consumption of cigarettes, tea, coffee, etc.);
  • Information on intolerances and allergies;
  • Information on general state of health and medications to be taken;
  • Diagnoses, proposed solutions, treatment plans and other information on ongoing care.

This may also involve sensitive personal data, in particular health data or data that allows conclusions to be drawn about your health. More information on how we handle sensitive personal data can be found in Section 10 of the General Privacy Notice.

When treating children and adolescents, we process their personal data. More information on how we handle the personal data of minors can also be found in Section 10 of the General Privacy Notice.

We may also process other master data, contract data, communication data, behaviour and transaction data, preference data, technical data, image and sound recordings, as well as other categories of personal data. More information on this can be found in Section 4 of the General Privacy Notice.

4. For what purposes do we process personal data?

In connection with bestsmile, we process personal data in particular in order to be able to provide our services (dental treatment and care). This includes, for example:

  • Planning and carrying out an initial consultation (including 3D scan and OPT);
  • Creation of a personalised treatment plan;
  • Customisation of medical devices such as ceramic restorations and aligners;
  • Ongoing care and treatment.

We may also process your personal data for research purposes, but will anonymise your data for this purpose.

We may also process personal data for other purposes, in particular communication, contract processing, information and marketing, market research and product development, security and prevention, compliance with legal requirements, protection of rights, as well as intra-group administration and support. More information on this can be found in Section 6 of the General Privacy Notice.

5. What else must be considered?

With your consent, we may publish photos of the results of the treatment (before and after photos) on the bestsmile website, if necessary with further information on your medical history and treatment history. You decide which details we publish.

At your request, we may also disclose treatment data to external healthcare professionals (e.g., dentists or orthodontists).

6. Further information

You can find further information on data protection in the General Privacy Notice, including:

  • what benefits data processing by Migros has for you;
  • the sources from which the personal data we process originates;
  • what legitimate interests we have in data processing and on which other further legal bases our processing is based;
  • how we use personal data within Migros Group and under which circumstances we may disclose personal data to companies outside Migros Group;
  • how we transfer personal data abroad and what safeguards we take to ensure adequate data protection;
  • how and for what purposes we use profiling and whether we make material decisions on a fully automated basis;
  • what measures we take to ensure the security of personal data in an appropriate manner;
  • for how long we generally process and store personal data;
  • how we use cookies and similar technologies when you visit our websites and mobile apps;
  • the rights you have in connection to the processing of your personal data and how you can exercise them;
  • how you can contact the Migros Group Data Protection Officer or the European Union/European Economic Area representative.

7. Changes to this privacy notice

This supplementary privacy notice may be updated over time, especially if we change our data processing activities or if new legal provisions become applicable. We will actively inform individuals whose contact details are registered with us of any material changes, provided that we can do this without disproportionate effort. In general, the version of the privacy notice in effect at the time at which the data processing activity in question commences is applicable.