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Behind every smile there is a story

Whether with Aligners or Veneers – find out from our customers how their lives have changed thanks to the bestsmile treatment.
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Experiences with bestsmile

What our patients say about bestsmile

"In practice everything was always explained and shown to me in detail. During the treatment, my family and friends did not even notice that I was wearing the aligners and when I laugh now, I feel even more comfortable."

Francesca M.


"During the treatment, the people around me hardly noticed that I was wearing the aligners. But when I showed them my before and after pictures, the changes became clearly visible."

Aurélia G.

Zürich Bellevue

"I wanted to correct the position of my teeth without anyone noticing. So I went to bestsmile. I was amazed how little the aligners actually stand out! You can see the first results after a few weeks, which I think is great."

Benjamin P.

St. Gallen

"I am very satisfied with the bestsmile treatment, also because the price-performance ratio is right for me. The team in the practice was always nice and friendly and I could always turn to them for any questions."

Luca D.


"I felt comfortable during my appointments and the atmosphere in the bestsmile practice was very pleasant. It looks quite different than in a classical dental practice. I am totally satisfied with the treatment and my results."

Marina C.

St. Gallen

"I have been wanting to correct the position of my teeth for a long time and I am now very happy with the results! People around me have noticed how quickly the first results can be seen during my treatment."

Arlinda L.

St. Gallen

"I am very satisfied with the treatment and also with the result. My teeth look much better now. I definitely recommend bestsmile to everyone."

Latif S.

Zürich Enge

"The treatment with bestsmile was very uncomplicated. I have already recommended it because I am very happy with my results! Also I enjoy smiling on photos much more now."

Laura M.


"I definitely recommend the bestsmile treatment to others! The appointments at the practice were always pleasant. The team was very friendly and competent and I was informed on exactly what is being done and how we would proceed."

Susanna G.

Zürich Bellevue

"I have had the desire to correct the position of my teeth for some time now. However, classic braces were out of the question for me, so I decided to do the bestsmile treatment and I am very satisfied!"

Lara S.

St. Gallen

bestsmile is proud to be able to change lives with clear braces and dental Veneers. The bestsmile reviews show that also our customers are proud of their transformation. Here they talk about their experience with bestsmile, their orthodontic treatment, the duration of treatment and especially how the final result of having straight teeth has changed their whole life.

The treatment plan for a dental correction or teeth enhancement is as individual as the tooth position and the person themselves. Here you will find just a few testimonials from over 20,000 satisfied customers who have successfully completed their Veneer or Aligner treatment. These people were able to straighten their misaligned teeth in a short time and to finally fulfil their dream of having straight teeth and a happy smile.

Straight teeth with bestsmile Aligner

Many customers have already straightened their misaligned teeth with transparent Aligners. Whether crooked teeth due to crowding or gaps between the incisors – treatment with invisible braces is suitable for a variety of malocclusions. The reviews show that people hardly notice when someone is wearing dental Aligners and are just astonished by the end result. The teeth straightening treatment is therefore very discreet and comfortable and does not require you to make compromises in your daily life.

For adult teeth straightening, clear braces are a popular alternative to fixed braces. The latter are not an option for many, both for financial and for aesthetic reasons. bestsmile reviews show that clear Aligners are also ideal for people who have direct contact with customers on a daily basis – and the initial lisp goes away quickly. Teeth straightening with clear Aligners is quite simple and can bring incredible results, and the successful bestsmile Aligner therapy of thousands of customers is the best proof.

bestsmile Veneers – For a flawless smile

In addition to teeth correction with clear braces, cosmetic dentistry with Veneers for teeth enhancement is becoming increasingly popular. Aesthetic flaws, especially in the area of the front teeth, can thus be corrected in a short time to create a harmonious and natural-looking smile. The incredible smile makeovers of our customers are the perfect proof.

Both with clear Aligners and Veneers, you can see how the position of your teeth will change and how the final result will look thanks to a simulation with a 3D scan. In the case of a teeth straightening treatment with Veneers, you can see the final result in advance thanks to the temporaries. So don’t worry about nasty surprises on your way to beautiful, straight teeth.

Affordable prices for Aligners & Veneers

In their bestsmile review, our customers mention the fair prices as an important criterion to start their dental correction. Clear braces for adults and wafer-thin ceramic Veneers, which are far below the usual price at the orthodontist, are more in demand than ever. Our prices for the Veneer or Aligner treatment allow our customers full planning security – regardless of the treatment time. Consultation and check-up appointments are included in the price and thus offer full cost control. The option to pay for the teeth alignment in convenient instalments from CHF 40/month also makes the treatment accessible to students.

Flexible and simple

In addition to being available in convenient monthly instalments, the bestsmile treatment with transparent Aligners or Veneers also offers a high degree of flexibility in your everyday life. If you wear your Aligners for 22 hours per day, you will achieve the desired end result in the planned time without having to make any compromises in your everyday life. Therefore, these transparent braces perfectly adapt to your lifestyle and not the other way round. Compared to fixed braces, clear braces offer several advantages: they can be easily removed for eating, which makes brushing your teeth easier. Also maintaining good oral hygiene is easier with Aligners.

Our modern practices at over 35 locations in Switzerland remind more of a feel-good atmosphere than a conventional dental practice. The relaxed atmosphere and the clean design are also appreciated by our Aligner and Veneer customers.

bestsmile results with warranty

The final result of these dental corrections is impressive. Clear braces can close tooth gaps and align crooked teeth in a short time. Thanks to additional options such as the wire retainer after Aligner therapy or the free home bleaching with the treatment of both jaws, we not only give your smile the finishing touch, but your final result will also remain stable in the long term. We at bestsmile truly believe in our method. That’s why we’ve created the bestsmile Warranty. We give you a 10-year warranty on the final result of your orthodontic treatment.

The testimonials have shown that thanks to the bestsmile dental correction or teeth enhancement, the overall appearance of the customer has improved significantly. Many of them feel more confident than before and much more has changed in their lives than just the position of their teeth. Check out the inspiring reviews for yourself and discover the stories behind every smile.