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What our patients say about bestsmile

"In practice everything was always explained and shown to me in detail. During the treatment, my family and friends did not even notice that I was wearing the aligners and when I laugh now, I feel even more comfortable."

Francesca M.


"During the treatment, the people around me hardly noticed that I was wearing the aligners. But when I showed them my before and after pictures, the changes became clearly visible."

Aurélia G.

Zürich Bellevue

"I wanted to correct the position of my teeth without anyone noticing. So I went to bestsmile. I was amazed how little the aligners actually stand out! You can see the first results after a few weeks, which I think is great."

Benjamin P.

St. Gallen

"I am very satisfied with the bestsmile treatment, also because the price-performance ratio is right for me. The team in the practice was always nice and friendly and I could always turn to them for any questions."

Luca D.


"I felt comfortable during my appointments and the atmosphere in the bestsmile practice was very pleasant. It looks quite different than in a classical dental practice. I am totally satisfied with the treatment and my results."

Marina C.

St. Gallen

"I have been wanting to correct the position of my teeth for a long time and I am now very happy with the results! People around me have noticed how quickly the first results can be seen during my treatment."

Arlinda L.

St. Gallen

"I am very satisfied with the treatment and also with the result. My teeth look much better now. I definitely recommend bestsmile to everyone."

Latif S.

Zürich Enge

"The treatment with bestsmile was very uncomplicated. I have already recommended it because I am very happy with my results! Also I enjoy smiling on photos much more now."

Laura M.


"I definitely recommend the bestsmile treatment to others! The appointments at the practice were always pleasant. The team was very friendly and competent and I was informed on exactly what is being done and how we would proceed."

Susanna G.

Zürich Bellevue

"I have had the desire to correct the position of my teeth for some time now. However, classic braces were out of the question for me, so I decided to do the bestsmile treatment and I am very satisfied!"

Lara S.

St. Gallen

bestsmile is proud of its satisfied patients and customers. This is also shown by the bestsmile reviews. The positive testimonials refer both to the bestsmile experience and to the results of the transparent braces and teeth whitening. The bestsmile results in regard to professional competencies and the customer-oriented consultations offered by the bestsmile team are particularly appreciated. High-quality transparent braces, produced with the latest align technology, have already helped thousands of people get their new smile. This is where the bestsmile experience pays off.

Get the smile of your dreams. Secretly.

The bestsmile test has shown that people around you cannot notice that you are wearing braces. Therefore, you can straighten your teeth secretly. The bestsmile Aligner gives you a new smile without compromising the habits of your daily life. Whether on the job or on photos, the bestsmile experience is positive all around thanks to almost no restrictions. Our clear aligners for adults spare bestsmile patients from the uncomfortable feeling of metal in their mouth. For many professionals, fixed braces are not an option right from the start. But with bestsmile Aligner, dental correction has never been so easy. The bestsmile reviews of thousands of patients show this.

Affordable prices

In the bestsmile before and after reviews, customers explain that prices are an important factor. Braces for adults that are much more affordable than the ones at the orthodontist and that offer a complete dental correction are high in demand. Our fixed prices allow for sound and long-term planning, no matter how long the treatment lasts. Hence, even pupils and students can afford the smile they deserve – bestsmile offers monthly instalments from CHF 40/month. The bestsmile experience shows that with a conventional orthodontist every appointment is charged separately. At bestsmile, all consultations and check-ups are always included in the price of the bestsmile Aligner and the treatment offers complete cost transparency.

Customer Service

According to the bestsmile test, our clients are very satisfied with the overall dynamic and competent Customer Service of our team. A familiar atmosphere with an individual consultation is well appreciated. This is also shown by the numerous bestsmile reviews from our customers that felt they were in good hands.


The bestsmile experience shows that customers are very satisfied with how comfortable the aligners are. Many patients had a positive experience with how the aligners can be removed at any time and be worn during sports and while traveling. For best results, the aligners have to be worn 22 hours a day. Our dental correction treatment is as good as fully compatible with the patients’ daily routine. This allows to plan teeth straightening with much more freedom compared to a treatment with fixed braces.

bestsmile reviews

The bestsmile experience is particularly positive because patients can see their results month after month. With our transparent braces for adults, gaps between your teeth or crooked teeth can be corrected with the newest technology in a short period of time. The transparent braces also show the aligner before-and-after progress that was not expected at the beginning. Thanks to the bestsmile experience, these results will be long-lasting. The results of cosmetic dentistry often show that the treatment has a positive impact on people’s appearance. According to their reviews, many people feel that their looks have improved after the treatment and they feel more self-confident than before. This has also a good effect on the interactions with other people. Overall, bestsmile before and after experiences are very positive.