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Beautiful teeth: treatment options & costs

There are various methods and treatments to get beautiful teeth. In this article we reveal to you what treatments and options are available in cosmetic dentistry to get beautiful teeth and a flawless smile.

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Topic: Beautiful teeth

Woman with beautiful smile

What are beautiful teeth?

Beautiful teeth are subjective. Nevertheless, many people associate a beautiful smile with white, straight and even teeth. Today’s beauty standards are inspired by Hollywood stars and the so-called Hollywood smile is becoming increasingly popular.

Not all people are born with naturally straight or beautiful teeth. But fortunately this is not a problem anymore, since there are various methods to get beautiful teeth and a pretty smile.

How do I get beautiful teeth?

Beautiful teeth are closely linked to good dental and oral hygiene. But also malocclusions or other smaller dental defects can be corrected with state-of-the-art methods and in a short period of time. These methods include:

  • Aligners
  • Veneers
  • Whitening (bleaching)
  • Gum correction / Gum lift with a diode laser

Beautiful teeth with aligners

Aligners are plastic braces that can gradually move the teeth into the desired position in a short time. Compared to other types of dental braces, they are completely transparent. The custom-fit aligners are manufactured by taking a 3D scan of the jaw and teeth.

Woman holding a clear aligner

How do aligners work?

Aligners exert a gentle pressure on the teeth, bringing them into the desired position. Every 2 weeks the patient switches to new aligners, which shift the teeth into the final position step by step.

Who are clear aligners for?

Clear aligners can correct mild to moderate malocclusions, making aligners one of the easiest and most affordable devices to get beautiful teeth as an adult.

What malpositions can clear aligners fix?

Aligners can correct the following dental malocclusions:

Find out if you’re a candidate for the Aligner treatment and see for yourself these incredible reviews of clear Aligners! Our specialised dentists will be happy to advise you at one of our 36 locations in Switzerland.

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How much do aligners cost?

bestsmile Aligners start at CHF 2,490 for one jaw. On our Aligner pricing page you will find all information regarding the price of an Aligner treatment.

A beautiful smile with veneers

Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic shells, which are attached to the desired teeth to cover up discolourations, gaps or uneven teeth. Veneers are durable, have a natural look and do not discolour.

Young man with veneers

How does a Veneer treatment work?

  • 1st appointment: 3D scan of your teeth
  • 2nd appointment: discussion of your personal treatment plan with your dentist. You will choose shape and colour together and talk about all the details regarding the treatment.
  • 3rd appointment: the dentist will prepare your teeth for the veneers and you will get your temporary veneers. At this point you will see your new and beautiful smile in person and you can still make final adjustments before ordering the final veneers.
  • 4th appointment: application of the final veneers. When you leave the practice, you will already have your new and radiant smile!

Who are veneers for?

Our bestsmile Veneers are suitable for patients over the age of 18.

What types of problems do veneers fix?

Veneers can correct aesthetic flaws, particularly on the anterior teeth, such as:

  • Uneven spots
  • Different tooth lengths
  • Discoloured teeth
  • Teeth that are too big or too small

How much do veneers cost in Switzerland?

bestsmile Veneers start at CHF 4,800. On our Veneers pricing page you will find all information regarding the price of a Veneer treatment.

Beautiful white teeth thanks to whitening

Teeth whitening, also known as bleaching, is an easy option to brighten up your teeth by a few shades and gives you a beautiful smile almost instantly. If you opt for the bestsmile Aligner treatment of both jaws, you will get a Home Bleaching Kit free of charge.

bestsmile teeth whitening

Good to know: Ias a general rule, teeth whitening has to be repeated on a regular basis, as our natural teeth can discolour over time. This has nothing to do with good oral hygiene. It is a natural ageing process. Veneers are an efficient solution to get beautiful white teeth in the long term.

Can you get beautiful white teeth with toothpaste?

Conventional whitening toothpastes that you find in stores usually do not guarantee long-lasting results. You should also be careful with some whitening toothpastes: small particles can erode tooth substance and leave tiny cracks in the tooth surface. These cracks can accumulate discolouration, which is difficult to neutralise.

Other methods: However, there are also other types of whitening methods that provide slightly more lasting results. Teeth can be whitened both professionally in a dental practice or at home. With in-office whitening in dental practices, the concentration of the whitening gel is usually higher, which leads to stronger and longer-lasting results. However, you should be careful with every whitening: teeth can become temporarily sensitive.

A beautiful smile thanks to gum correction

Beautiful teeth are one thing, a beautiful smile is another. Even after finishing your dental correction, you might still not be completely happy with your smile. Uneven gums may be one of many issues.

The solution? A gum correction. This gives your new smile the finishing touch and permanently removes flaws on the gums.

How much does a gum correction cost?

At bestsmile, a gum correction for 1 tooth starts at CHF 200 and is possible only in combination with an Aligner or Veneer treatment.

Beautiful teeth that last for years to come

Professional tooth cleaning

Once you’re happy with your new and beautiful smile, the goal is to keep it as long as possible. An impeccable oral hygiene at home and a professional tooth cleaning at the dentist’s office are therefore essential.

Wire retainer

After straightening your teeth with Aligners, we suggest applying a wire retainer. The wire is attached to the inner surface of the teeth, is not visible, does not interfere and holds the teeth in the new position.

Relax Retainer

A grinding guard can also be a great solution to keep your teeth beautiful as long as possible and at the same time alleviate the effects of bruxism.

Grinding guard for bruxism

Protect your teeth with a grinding guard

A grinding guard protects your teeth from wear and tear and keeps your smile beautiful after an Aligner or a Veneer treatment. In short, a grinding guard:

  • protects against tooth wear
  • relieves your jaw muscles
  • helps with pain in the temporomandibular joint

Beautiful teeth thanks to bestsmile

As you see, there are many ways to get beautiful teeth. To see which option is best for you, come visit us in one of our 36 practices and get advice from our experienced dentists. Together we will find the best solution to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

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Last update: 09.02.2023


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