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What is an open bite?

An open bite is one of the most common malocclusions. The incisors don't clench together properly, creating an overly large and visible gap between the lower and upper jaw. Even when the canine teeth are firmly clenched, a visible gap remains between the two rows of teeth.

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Causes of an open bite

Bad habits

A frontal open bite usually develops in childhood as a result of extensive thumb sucking, tongue pressing or pacifier use. Tongue malfunctions can also cause an open bite around the front teeth or incisors.

Skeletal open bite

The skeletal open bite – also called a lateral open bite – is often genetic. The adult teeth have too little space in the posterior tooth region. In this case, often only the molars are touching. Misaligned jaws or altered jaw development can also lead to having an open bite.

Why correct an open bite?

In addition to causing functional problems, an open bite also has an impact on one's appearance.


  • Chewing problems, difficulty biting
  • Jaw joint problems, including wear and tear on the joint
  • Can encourage unhealthy mouth breathing/dryness
  • Cavities, irritated throat


  • Lip incompetence
  • Unaesthetically shaped dental arch

Everyday issues

  • Lisp and impaired speech development

How Aligners correct an open bite

Depending on the severity of the open bite, it can be corrected with removable braces. How it works:

  • Every 2 weeks you switch to a new Aligner tray.

  • play

    Each Aligner tray pushes the teeth slightly more in the desired direction.

  • In 3 to 12 months your open bite will be closed.

Advantages of bestsmile Aligner:

Removable at any time
Barely visible and discreet
Fast results
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Open bite FAQs

What kinds of problems can an open bite cause?

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An open bite can negatively impact the entire bite. It can encourage the development of a cross bite and can arise in tandem with other bite problems such as an overbite.

An open bite that arises in childhood is accompanied by stunted upper jaw growth. As a result, the base of the nose is too narrow and impairs breathing. Breathing through the mouth can cause additional health problems, which is why it is usually recommended to correct an open bite in childhood.

How can an open bite be corrected?

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There are different orthodontic methods and devices that can be used to correct an open bite. If treated in childhood, the usual method involves conventional braces or vestibular plates.

If treated in adulthood, there are alternatives to conventional fixed braces. Removable Aligners are discreet but can only make slight corrections to an open bite. Your individual situation will determine which orthodontic treatment is best for you. Our expert dentists will be happy to advise you.

Is it possible to correct an open bite without braces?

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No. Orthodontic treatment is needed to fix an open bite. It might be necessary to use other treatment methods as well. In many cases, we recommend speech therapy to correct any speech impairments that may have developed over the years. If the malocclusion is severe, a surgical procedure may be required.

Does health insurance cover treatment for an open bite?

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This depends on the severity of the malocclusion. The best thing to do is to contact your health insurance company directly to find out if they cover the costs of correcting an open bite.

When should I start treating an open bite?

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If an open bite causes functional and aesthetic problems, it should be corrected. Otherwise, patients can suffer from speech impairments, chewing problems and low self-esteem.

When to start with an open bite treatment depends on the severity of the malocclusion and the patient's age. If the malocclusion is detected early on, it is recommended to carry out the dental and jaw correction in childhood. Various orthodontic methods can be used to correct an open bite in adolescents as well, or even in adults where the problem arises later. The bestsmile dental team will be happy to advise you.

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