End-to-end bite treatment


Correct your edge-to-edge bite with a bestsmile Aligner in around 3–12 months.

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What’s an end-to-end bite?

There are different types of end-to-end bite, also known as an edge-to-edge bite. In a typical end-to-end bite, the front teeth and the cusps of the molars in the upper and lower jaw directly bite against each other. If your bite is perfect, the cusps interlock perfectly with a slight overlap of the upper teeth.

This is not the case for patients with an end-to-end bite, which is a type of cross bite.

End-to-end bite treatment

Why correct an end-to-end bite?

An end-to-end bite isn't just an aesthetic problem. It can also cause other issues, for instance:

  • Problems with eating and chewing
  • Jaw joint paint, muscle tension, headaches
  • Stunted upper jaw growth
  • Increased mouth breathing
  • Tooth wear
  • Lisping and other speech impairments

How Aligners correct an end-to-end bite

End-to-end bites, especially those involving the front teeth, can be fixed with removable braces. How it works:

  • Every 2 weeks you switch to a new Aligner tray.

  • play

    Each Aligner tray pushes the teeth slightly more in the desired direction.

  • Your end-to-end bite will be corrected in 3 to 12 months.

Advantages of bestsmile Aligner:

Removable at any time
Barely visible and discreet
Fast results
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End-to-end bite FAQs

What causes an end-to-end bite?

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An end-to-end bite can have many causes. Usually it's caused by a muscular imbalance around the mouth. This disrupts the growth of the upper jaw and leads to a size difference between the upper and lower jaws.

Thumb sucking, accidents and genetic predispositions can cause or encourage the formation of an end-to-end bite.

How can an end-to-end bite be corrected?

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There are different methods of fixing an end-to-end bite. It's usually recommended to treat an end-to-end bite in childhood. Since the jaws are still growing, it's easier to influence their development and prevent the problems that come with misaligned jaws.

Correcting end-to-end bite in children

End-to-end bites in children are often corrected using fixed braces. Other types of braces can also be used depending on the malocclusion.

Correcting end-to-end bite in adults

Adults can also benefit from various orthodontic procedures. Transparent braces are ideal for slight end-to-end bites, especially those involving the front teeth. Our expert dentists can examine your end-to-end bite in person and advise you as to whether bestsmile Aligner treatment is right for you.

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Additional add-on treatments may be recommended for children and adults undergoing orthodontic treatment, such as visiting a speech therapist to correct speech impairments.

When is an operation necessary to correct an end-to-end bite?

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A purely orthodontic approach with braces may not be sufficient depending on the severity of the malocclusion. If the patient's jaws are too misaligned, orthodontic surgery may be necessary to place them in the right position. Our expert dentists can examine your end-to-end bite in person and advise you as to whether bestsmile Aligner treatment is right for you.

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Does health insurance cover the costs of treating an end-to-end bite?

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This depends on the severity of the malocclusion. The best thing to do is to contact your health insurance company directly to find out if they cover the cost of end-to-end bite treatment.

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