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Causes of uneven and chipped teeth


Injuries, falls and accidents can break or crack teeth and are among the most common causes of these dental defects.

Nutrition and oral hygiene

Some foods contain a lot of acids that attack enamel and make teeth fragile. This can be avoided by practising good oral hygiene.

Weak enamel and cavities

Untreated cavities weaken teeth. If the weakened tooth comes into contact with hard food, there is a high risk of the tooth chipping or breaking completely.


Nocturnal grinding wears down the surface of the teeth and can cause uneven and chipped spots.

Genetic predisposition

Genetic factors such as certain nutrient and mineral deficiencies can also cause brittle and cracked teeth.

Why repair cracked teeth?

Broken teeth always need to be repaired in order to prevent the following problems:


  • Risk of cavities and eroded enamel
  • Risk of injuring soft tissue in the oral cavity
  • Inflammation


  • Unharmonious smile
  • Discolouration

Everyday issues

  • Impaired ability to chew and bite

How Veneers can correct uneven and chipped teeth

In many cases, chipped teeth or uneven spots on your teeth can also be corrected with Veneers. How it works:

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    We use a 3D scan to create a preview of your new smile (Smile Design)

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    You choose the shape and colour yourself, and our specialised dentists will advise you so that your Veneers are a perfect fit. Your temporary Veneers allow you to preview your new smile ahead of time.

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    The final Veneers will be produced exactly to your wishes

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Broken teeth – before and after

  • Broken teeth – before and after
  • Broken teeth – before and after
  • Broken teeth – before and after
  • Broken teeth – before and after

Advantages of bestsmile Veneers:

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Chipped teeth FAQs

Will insurance cover the cost of correcting uneven and chipped teeth?

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Health insurance usually doesn’t pay the cost of aesthetic dental corrections. Depending on your insurer and policy, however, these costs may be covered. The best thing to do is to contact your health insurance company directly to find out if they cover the costs of correcting cracked, broken or uneven teeth.

What happens if you don't correct broken or chipped teeth?

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Untreated chipped teeth can cause various health problems, including tooth loss. Inflammation, cavities and weakened teeth are also common issues. Depending on how much of the tooth has chipped off, the root may also be affected and discolour the tooth in question.

It is always advisable to treat a broken tooth immediately.

How can brittle or chipped teeth be repaired?

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There are various treatment methods for correcting chipped and uneven teeth.

Minor corrections

If only a small part of the tooth is chipped, small fillings or dental sealants can be used to perform corrections and repairs. This protects the chipped tooth from further wear and tear, cavities and injuries.

Moderate corrections

Fillings and Veneers can also be used to correct chipped teeth and are particularly suitable for cases where enough healthy tooth substance is still available.

  1. Fillings: Conventional fillings are a proven method of repairing chipped teeth. Unlike other treatments, they can be inexpensive depending on the material used. The downside of fillings is that depending on the material, they often have to be renewed and don't always perfectly match the colour of the tooth. Learn more about inlay, onlay and overlay fillings from bestsmile.
  2. Veneers: These wafer-thin ceramic shells are becoming an increasingly popular choice for repairing chipped teeth. Veneers have great aesthetic outcomes because the colour can be matched to the colour of the other teeth. Compared to other treatments, Veneers are more expensive due to the high-quality materials used, but they can last over 20 years if properly taken care of.

More extensive corrections

Veneers or fillings usually cannot be used if large parts of the tooth have chipped off and if there is little tooth substance remaining. In these cases, crowns are an appropriate choice for restoring the function and aesthetics of your teeth. At bestsmile, we make crowns from high-quality ceramic in our own production facility in Switzerland.

Why choose bestsmile?

Dental expertise

Our specialist medical staff will be with you and advise you free of charge during every step of the way over the course of your treatment.

swiss made

All bestsmile products are custom-made in our own production facility in Switzerland.

10-year guarantee

We take responsibility for your result and we give you a 10-year guarantee.

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