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bestsmile manufactures transparent braces, also known as clear Aligners. But what are the differences compared to Invisalign and how much do they cost?

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Invisalign alternative

The invention of clear aligners

The idea behind the aligner was to create a modern and comfortable orthodontic appliance. Conventional braces are not removable and brackets and wires are clearly visible. Thanks to their high level of comfort and more discreet appearance, dental aligners are very popular among teenagers and adults who wish to straighten their teeth.

Thanks to clear aligners it is possible to close tooth gaps, straighten crooked teeth and treat mild to moderate malocclusions.

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The production: Invisalign vs. bestsmile


Many dentists worldwide offer Invisalign treatments. The manufacturer, Align Technology from the USA, produces its aligners in Mexico* and their 3D scanners come from Cadent, a company located in Israel** and acquired in 2011. This means that Invisalign aligners have to be shipped from the U.S. through Mexico in order to arrive in Switzerland.


At bestsmile, all production steps take place in Switzerland. In the numerous bestsmile practices, patients get personal advice and their individual treatment plan is made on the basis of the 3D scan of their teeth. bestsmile Aligner braces are then produced directly in the company’s own laboratories in Winterthur. In these laboratories, the dental models are 3D-printed, a PET film is pressed onto the printed model, quality checks are carried out and finally the Aligners sets are sent to the practices.

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With or without consultation appointments?

Invisalign alternatives

Some alternative providers of dental aligners do not offer any in-person consultation or examination appointments by a specialist dentist. When choosing an alternative to Invisalign, experts advise against providers who work exclusively online and without direct contact with dentists. Orthodontic treatments should always be supervised by a dentist or orthodontist.

Invisalign procedure:

  1. All the important information will be explained to you during a consultation with an orthodontist. Before starting the Invisalign treatment, a caries check and a professional teeth cleaning are necessary.

  2. The position of the teeth is recorded using various methods (X-rays, photos, 3D method) in order to define a treatment plan, including the goal of the treatment.

  3. The ClinCheck software is used to create a digital animation showing the intended tooth correction. If there are no complications, the aligners are ordered and the treatment can begin.

  4. Once the aligner treatment is complete, the new tooth position needs to be fixed. With the help of a wire or a night retainer, the new tooth position can be fixed in the long term.

At bestsmile

At bestsmile, a dentist or orthodontist will be with the patient throughout their entire treatment starting from the first consultation, during all follow-up visits and finally at the final check-up. If the patient has any further concerns during treatment, the Customer Service and our team of orthodontists and specialised dentists are always available.

  • The aligners are produced in-house in Winterthur
  • They are sent directly to our practices
  • Our dentists will show you how to wear, remove and clean them
  • Regular check-up appointments (included in the price)
  • After treatment, the patient gets a wire retainer or a retainer aligner (to be worn at night)

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Pricing: bestsmile vs. Invisalign


In the case of Invisalign, the patient gets charged based on the complexity of the malocclusion and on the aligners needed. The costs are determined by the respective orthodontists and can also vary as a result.


Thanks to the production in our own labs in Switzerland and the use of state-of-the-art technology, the bestsmile treatment costs just CHF 2490 for one jaw. The option of monthly instalments starts at CHF 40/month. Completely interest-free. This is significantly lower than the prices of other providers.

At bestsmile, it doesn't matter how many check-up appointments or aligners you need – the price remains the same. And the dental services are not charged separately and the treatment is available at a fixed price.

Additional costs

There are, however, some optional services and treatments that are charged individually, such as the panoramic X-ray image, attachments or wire retainers. Your bestsmile dentist will evaluate if in your case one of these is needed and will give you all necessary information.

Price overview

Duration of treatment


The duration of treatment can vary depending on the complexity of the dental malocclusion. Even though the initial results start to show relatively quickly, the treatment usually takes 12–18 months. If the recommended wearing time is not reached, the treatment may also take longer.


At bestsmile, your dentist will tell you the duration of treatment at the beginning. An aligner treatment usually takes 3–12 months. You will not only see your final result in a simulation, but your dentist will also tell you everything you need to know about it right at the beginning.

The advantages of bestsmile

Thanks to bestsmile, anyone who wants to have their teeth straightened these days can do so with a regional product and at a fair price. At bestsmile, efficiency and Swiss quality are the number one priority. Here is a brief summary of the bestsmile advantages:

  • Dense network of practices throughout Switzerland, from Zurich to Lugano
  • 0% financing on monthly payments
  • Professional team of dentists and orthodontists
  • Regional production with state-of-the-art technique
  • The entire value chain from a single source
  • Fair price
  • Already more than 35,000 satisfied customers

See for yourself and check out the before and after examples with aligners. Many of our customers have found the joy of smiling again and feel more confident now.

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Last update: 10.02.2023


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