Deep bite and closed bite


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What is a deep bite?

A deep bite is a kind of overbite that commonly arises in childhood. In this malocclusion, the upper incisors protrude too far downwards and cover the incisors of the lower jaw.

A closed bite is similar to a deep bite, with the upper row of teeth strongly overlapping the lower row. In a closed bite, the teeth are also tilted inwards. Deep bites and closed bites are often caused by genetics.

Deep bite and closed bite

Why correct a deep bite?

A deep bite can have far-reaching consequences similar to those of an overbite. The most common problems associated with untreated deep or closed bites are:


  • Gum inflammation, increased risk of injury to gum tissue
  • Pain in the temporomandibular joint
  • Increased risk of cavities
  • Heavy wear and tear on enamel


  • Buck teeth
  • Recessed chin

Everyday issues

  • Speech impairment

How Aligners correct a deep bite

In many cases, a deep bite can be fixed with removable braces. How it works:

  • Every 2 weeks you switch to a new Aligner tray

  • play

    Each Aligner tray pushes the teeth slightly more in the desired direction

  • Your deep bite will be corrected in 3 to 12 months

Advantages of bestsmile Aligner:

Removable at any time
Barely visible and discreet
Fast results
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Deep bite FAQs

Do I need to treat my deep bite?

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Whether a deep bite needs to be corrected depends heavily on the extent of the malocclusion. In a normal bite, the upper incisors also sit slightly in front of the lower ones. The situation only becomes a deep bite once the overlap becomes too severe. If the overlap is minor, treatment is not always necessary. In other cases, however, treatment is recommended.

Your bestsmile dentist will be happy to advise you on this.

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What happens if you don't correct a deep bite?

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If a deep bite goes untreated, the malocclusion or the related health issues can worsen. In a deep bite, both the teeth and the gums are at risk of injury.

What problems are associated with having a deep bite?

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A deep bite or a closed bite can impair one's health and appearance in various ways. Because the teeth overlap to such a great extent, the incisors poke into the lower gums in a deep bite or into the palate in a closed bite. This can lead to inflammation or cause the tissue to recede.

Pain in the temporomandibular joint, increased incidence of cavities and buck teeth are additional problems that can be caused by a deep bite.

How can a deep bite be corrected?

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A deep bite can be corrected with conventional fixed braces or removable braces. In both of these orthodontic procedures, the upper incisors are carefully moved backward.

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