Aligning crowded teeth has various health benefits and gives you a beautiful smile

Thanks to professional treatments, this type of malocclusion can be corrected quickly and easily.

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Crowded teeth

The opposite of a tooth gap

Dentitions are as unique as fingerprints. The size of your teeth, their texture or their angle determine how your smile looks. Hardly anyone is born with a “perfectly” shaped dentition. Depending on the size of the jaw, the teeth may have too much space, resulting in gaps between the teeth, or the opposite may occur: crowded teeth.

What causes teeth crowding?

Crowding occurs when your teeth are larger than the available space in your jaw, or when your jaw is too small for your teeth. There may be genetic reasons or an imbalance between the tongue, cheek and lip muscles if your jaw has not developed properly. Crowding can also be caused by early loss of primary teeth or by the growth of wisdom teeth. In this type of malocclusion, protruding or inclined teeth prevent a harmonious alignment of your teeth in one or both jaws. From an aesthetic point of view, it can be a clear disturbing factor that affects the overall appearance of your smile. But the good news is that even as an adult it is possible to treat such malocclusions in the long-term and discreetly thanks to aligner therapy.

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Why it is important to treat crowded teeth

Most of the time it is the aesthetic reasons that motivate patients to straighten their teeth. Many people wish to have a more harmonious smile and want to interact in a more casual way with others. In rare cases, the fear of having to show one’s teeth may also cause psychological impairments.

The bestsmile Aligner treatment is simple and discreet, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. Crowding may cause teeth to wear down asymmetrically when chewing, and in addition, proper oral hygiene is often compromised. With this malocclusion, it can also be quite difficult to clean tooth surfaces that meet or overlap. In some cases, crowded teeth may increase the risk of tooth decay and periodontitis, which in the worst case could result in the loss of a tooth.

Causes of dental crowding

  • Teeth that are too big
  • A jawbone that is too small
  • Growth of wisdom teeth
  • Early loss of primary teeth
  • Imbalance between the tongue, cheek and lip muscles

Crowded teeth before/after

Crowded teeth before/after

Treating crowded teeth with bestsmile Aligner

bestsmile Aligner is the ideal solution to treat crowded teeth, as it is perfectly compatible with your everyday life and it is very discreet. bestsmile Aligner braces are very popular among adults because they can be worn at work and during your everyday life without anyone noticing and they straighten misaligned teeth in just 3–12 months. However, the end result depends on your initial situation. After taking a 3D scan of your teeth, your bestsmile dentist will be able to tell you more about your treatment options. If you’re a candidate for the treatment, the dentist will show you how the transparent Aligners will straighten your crowded teeth with the help of a 3D animation. Do you need advice? You can find bestsmile practices all throughout Switzerland, even in your area. Also check out our post on closing tooth gaps.

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Last update: 10.02.2023


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