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Braces for adults – types, costs and alternatives

At first glance, braces do not fit into the image of professionals or students. But there is a discrete solution now.

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Topic: Aligner

Braces for adults

Why should adults wear braces?

Many people fear being rejected or making an unprofessional impression at work if they have visible braces. We live in a society in which a beautiful smile can certainly increase career opportunities and crooked teeth are considered irritating.

Teeth straightening for adults or second treatment

In order to give their children the chance to have beautiful teeth later in life, parents often decide to have orthodontic treatments done at an early age. But those who did not have the opportunity in their childhood often wish to straighten their teeth later in life to close tooth gaps or align crooked teeth. Our teeth will continue to shift throughout our entire life. Therefore, adults may need a second treatment even though they already wore braces as a child.

Clear braces for adults

Straight teeth can boost your confidence

Self-confidence means to believe in oneself and in one's powers and being convinced of one's abilities and self-worth, which is expressed particularly in a self-confident attitude.

In this regard, imperfect teeth are often considered as a major obstacle. If you are ashamed of your smile and prefer to hide your teeth, it is difficult to appear confident. After all, smiling is a very important part of our non-verbal communication, and straightening your teeth can boost your self-confidence.

With straight teeth, you can smile openly and no longer have to worry about leaving a negative impression on business partners, customers or colleagues.

Brackets vs clear braces for adults

What are the best braces for adults?

For children who are still growing, removable braces are often the best solution. But what about adults? Even with a fully grown jaw, it is possible to shift the teeth by a few millimetres. Our teeth will continue to shift almost throughout our entire life. Getting braces is a crucial step for many adults, who perceive the striking change in their face more strongly than children. Therefore, the choice of the appropriate method is particularly important. There is a wide variety of teeth straightening methods on the market. We will take a closer look at the differences between the various types of braces.

Clear braces

  • Plastic dental aligners
  • Almost invisible
  • Removable at any time and reusable
  • Almost no impact on your pronunciation
  • Treatment takes 3–12 months
  • Can correct mild to moderate cases of misaligned teeth
  • Much cheaper than fixed braces

Learn more about aligners

Classic (fixed) braces

  • Made of metal or ceramic
  • Brackets and wires are glued to the outer surface of the teeth
  • Not removable
  • The treatment takes approximately 2 years
  • Can also correct severe malocclusions
  • High cost

Lingual braces

  • Metal brackets and wires are glued to the inner surface of the teeth
  • Not removable
  • The treatment takes approximately 2 years
  • Can impact your pronunciation
  • Can also correct severe malocclusions
  • High cost

Ideal for adults: bestsmile Aligner

bestsmile Aligners are discreet, guarantee a short treatment time and offer a good cost-benefit ratio, and are therefore definitely the best option when it comes to braces for adults. bestsmile is a Swiss company that specialises in the production of transparent braces. In everyday life, people around you will hardly notice the transparent braces, yet you can remove them yourself at any time. Thanks to its easy use, bestsmile Aligner also helps you to keep an impeccable oral hygiene.

Simply book an appointment for a free 3D scan. Our bestsmile practices are located throughout Switzerland. Find a practice near you.

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Last update: 22.03.2023


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