We apply very strict hygiene standards in the practices and in our production. You can take your appointment for your free 3D scan without hesitation.

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bestsmile in Olten – get your clear aligners here

The dental correction with the transparent bestsmile Aligner is also available in Olten. In only 3-12 months you can discreetly and easily close your tooth gap or have your teeth straightened. Our bestsmile dentists will help you to achieve a beautiful smile and will give you a consultation in a first free 3D scan appointment. The bestsmile aligners are manufactured with the latest technology in our production in Winterthur – Swiss quality at a fair price.


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The bestsmile practice

Our address:
Baslerstrasse 44
4600 Olten
062 297 10 10
[email protected]

Opening hours

Mo-Fr: 09:00 – 18:00
Sa: 09:00 – 17:00
Su: Closed

Getting here

Your bestsmile practice in Olten is centrally located and can be easily reached in only 6 minutes walking distance from Olten train station: After crossing Bahnhofsbrücke you will find us at Baslerstrasse 44. By taking the bus lines 501, 503, 505, or 509, the bestsmile practice is just one stop away (Olten, Baslerstrasse).

Practice features

The bestsmile location in Olten combines modern design elements with state-of-the-art technical equipment. Our stylish yet simple aesthetic is designed to make you feel comfortable when you visit us. You can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere while the bestsmile staff can focus on our core concept: producing the best and most affordable clear aligners in Switzerland.

Get to know bestsmile

What’s the story behind bestsmile and the innovative clear aligners? bestsmile is comprised of a young team with broad expertise in the fields of medicine, dentistry and orthodontics. bestsmile brings all of these specialisations together in-house, enabling us to offer customers optimal consultation services and the new aligners at an ideal price – and all that in just two appointments.

We are motivated by our vision of making teeth straightening affordable for everyone. We employ 3D technology in the production of our clear aligners, taking aligner therapy to a whole new level. This new technology enables us to offer our aligners at an affordable price and use the highest-quality materials. Within two to three weeks, the entire aligner set is produced in our Swiss lab.

Most affordable orthodontics in Olten?

The price for our clear aligners is significantly less than the cost of normal orthodontics. The primary reason for this is that we at bestsmile are always one step ahead of the competition thanks to the latest technology and the digitalisation of many of our processes. We create our dental impressions efficiently with a 3D scan and even everyday tasks, such as schedule management, are performed using software.

We perform every stage in-house, aided by hardware and software solutions. This enables us to pull off the delicate balancing act of combining «swissmade» quality with a fair price for our customers. And our team is ideally trained to get the ball rolling on the desired treatment in a quick and uncomplicated manner during the free consultation. These modern processes all enable us to offer the clear aligners from bestsmile as the most affordable aligners in Switzerland.

Our services

Our focus is always on improving the appearance your teeth and providing fast treatment of malpositioned teeth. Our service begins with two free appointments in which our experts create a free 3D scan of your teeth and discuss the planned treatment with you. An individual treatment plan is then created based on the 3D print.

At bestsmile, you also receive a digital preview of how your teeth will look after the treatment. As soon as you have received your aligner set, you can start the treatment straight away. After beginning the dental correction, a further visit to our practice is only required in exceptional cases.

What costs are due at the practice?

Our clear aligners are available starting at CHF 95 per month. During the treatment, appointments and visits to our dentists are completely free. With bestsmile, there are also no fees for your initial consultation appointments.

Book an appointment at the Olten practice

We’ll give a new, beautiful smile within three to 12 months. We get treatment started after just two appointments, and produce your personal aligner set in our Swiss lab. If you’d like to straighten your teeth with bestsmile, just stop by our practice in Olten and our team will be happy to advise you. You can conveniently arrange an appointment through the online booking system – we look forward to your visit.

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