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Dr. Caroline Holstein, orthodontist

Dr. medic stom. Christian Patai

Ines Richter, certified dentist

bestsmile in der Löwenstrasse Zürich
bestsmile Zürich von innen
bestsmile Zürich Löwenstrasse
bestsmile in der Löwenstrasse Zürich
bestsmile Zürich von innen
bestsmile Zürich Löwenstrasse

Zurich Löwenstrasse

The Swiss-made dental treatment is available in Zurich in four different locations. Get your clear and comfortable braces in the bestsmile practice in Löwenstrasse. The transparent dental treatment is designed to close gaps between your teeth or to straighten crooked teeth, it can be started after just two appointments and is straightforward to use. The bestsmile practice in Zurich Löwenstrasse is modern and stylishly furnished. Your visit will be a positive experience and will not remind you of a visit to the doctor.

Experiences with bestsmile

What our patients say about bestsmile

"In practice everything was always explained and shown to me in detail. During the treatment, my family and friends did not even notice that I was wearing the aligners and when I laugh now, I feel even more comfortable."

Francesca M.


"During the treatment, the people around me hardly noticed that I was wearing the aligners. But when I showed them my before and after pictures, the changes became clearly visible."

Aurélia G.

Zürich Bellevue

"I wanted to correct the position of my teeth without anyone noticing. So I went to bestsmile. I was amazed how little the aligners actually stand out! You can see the first results after a few weeks, which I think is great."

Benjamin P.

St. Gallen

"I am very satisfied with the bestsmile treatment, also because the price-performance ratio is right for me. The team in the practice was always nice and friendly and I could always turn to them for any questions."

Luca D.


"I felt comfortable during my appointments and the atmosphere in the bestsmile practice was very pleasant. It looks quite different than in a classical dental practice. I am totally satisfied with the treatment and my results."

Marina C.

St. Gallen

"I have been wanting to correct the position of my teeth for a long time and I am now very happy with the results! People around me have noticed how quickly the first results can be seen during my treatment."

Arlinda L.

St. Gallen

"I am very satisfied with the treatment and also with the result. My teeth look much better now. I definitely recommend bestsmile to everyone."

Latif S.

Zürich Enge

"The treatment with bestsmile was very uncomplicated. I have already recommended it because I am very happy with my results! Also I enjoy smiling on photos much more now."

Laura M.


"I definitely recommend the bestsmile treatment to others! The appointments at the practice were always pleasant. The team was very friendly and competent and I was informed on exactly what is being done and how we would proceed."

Susanna G.

Zürich Bellevue

"I have had the desire to correct the position of my teeth for some time now. However, classic braces were out of the question for me, so I decided to do the bestsmile treatment and I am very satisfied!"

Lara S.

St. Gallen