Clear Aligners while doing sport and exercise – Can you keep wearing them?

With clear Aligners you get your teeth into shape and benefit twice, as the Aligners are perfectly compatible with many sporting activities. Below we will discuss the points to which you should pay attention.

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Aligner bei Sport und Fitness

Exceptions are possible

In general, you should make sure to wear your clear Aligners for at least 22 hours a day. However, if you do regular training sessions where this is not possible, we recommend that you discuss this with your bestsmile dentist so that you can adjust the duration of treatment if necessary.

Working out with braces

For sporting activities without much physical contact, such as working out, swimming, cycling or jogging, it is perfectly safe to wear Aligners. However, it is important to make sure that there are no hard blows or shocks involved in the training. In any case, the Aligners have such a tight fit that you do not have to worry about swallowing or damaging them and they are compatible with many sporting activities.

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Avoid combat sports

For sporting activities with physical contact that may also involve blows, the Aligners should remain in their box. For sports such as American football, boxing or rugby, it is always necessary to wear a mouth guard and the Aligners could be damaged. In these cases, it is best to remove your Aligners.

Avoid extremes

With bestsmile Aligner braces, nothing stands in the way of an active life. In addition to combat sports, we recommend avoiding extreme temperatures such as saunas while wearing Aligners, as they may get damaged. If you take on sporting challenges with braces, one thing is certain: with bestsmile Aligner you will conquer the smile of your dreams and will always be a winner.

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Last update: 25.04.2023


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