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Drinking and eating with clear aligners

Strengthen your teeth during the Aligner treatment by following these nutrition tips.

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Eating and drinking with aligners

Chance for a double fresh start

A healthy diet is good for your body – this applies both before and after an orthodontic treatment. But with the correct information and a little discipline, the day you start your treatment can also be an opportunity to find a new sense of well-being. See how easy it is to change some habits while doing good for your teeth, your bestsmile Aligner and your health.

Unsweetened beverages

Drinks without added sugar are essential. When wearing your Aligners, drinking mineral water is perfectly fine, and you may also drink green or black tea. These drinks contain substances that can inhibit the growth of certain bacteria in your mouth. Green tea even contains substances that counteract the formation of plaque. By the way, sweet drinks labelled as “Sugar free” only indicate that no granulated sugar was used. Fructose, glucose or malt sugar are often added in these cases, but they are just as harmful for your teeth.

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Drinking with aligners

Foods with fluoride and calcium

Fluoride is a useful ingredient in drinks, but it also occurs naturally in foods such as fish and shellfish. If you are not too fond of fish, you may also use fluoride-containing salt. Before you focus only on fluoride-containing foods, we will mention another substance to which you should pay more attention in the future: calcium. It is contained in milk and cheese, for example, and strengthens your teeth and bones. Also almonds and sesame seeds are excellent sources of calcium. During your dental treatment, you can mainly opt for cheese, which, thanks to its fats, wraps your teeth in a thin protective film that in turn protects against acidity.

The benefits of fruit and vegetables

Eating vegetables is a way to give your teeth a “workout”. Some vegetables stimulate chewing and salivation, and at the same time the gums are massaged and cleaned. Such greens include leaf vegetables, broccoli, onions or celery, and the ultimate snack for in-between are also carrot sticks. Be careful with fruit – not all fruit has a positive effect on the pH level in your mouth. While red grapes are an excellent choice, you should know that sticky and sweet fruits such as bananas are high in fructose and stick to your teeth for a long time.

Eating with aligners

Snack attack

In addition to what you eat, the frequency with which you eat certain foods also plays a key role. A bar of chocolate, for example, does not affect you as much if you eat it all at once. It is certainly not healthy, but it is less harmful to your teeth than splitting it up over the course of the day. Always remember to remove your Aligners and rinse your mouth with water after eating foods that may cause tooth decay. After having a snack, it is a good idea to brush your teeth, but ideally only after half an hour. Immediately afterwards, your teeth are still too affected by the acid, which is why it is a good idea to wait.

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If you follow some of these tips, in a couple of months you will not only get your new smile, but you will also notice some other health benefits. For example, simply by cutting out sugary drinks you can lose some weight. Overall, a balanced diet with regular physical activity is the winning strategy. It’s up to you whether you want to boost not only your smile but also your health.

Last update: 12.04.2023


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