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A carefree smile at last

After two failed Veneer treatments in Istanbul and Bangkok, Doaa was far from having the smile of her dreams. The offer was certainly tempting, but the quality of her Veneers was poor: the material crumbled, unpleasant odours developed, her gums became inflamed and bled regularly. Due to the long distance, there were no follow-up visits or dental care. Doaa was in desperate need of a solution, as her self-confidence and well-being suffered badly. We are really glad that we could help Doaa. We made high-quality ceramic Veneers for her in our lab in Switzerland and were able to fix her problems and beautify her smile with long-term results. Today, she finally smiles the way she always wanted to.

The treatment

Veneers upper jaw

9 Veneers

Veneers lower jaw

9 Veneers

Doaa before the veneers treatment
Doaa after the veneers treatment with beautiful teeth

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