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Her new attitude towards life

Sharon wanted to straighten her teeth for years. In the past, she visited various dentists for this purpose. She was told that in order to correct her malposition, some teeth had to be extracted. After taking a 3D scan, the bestsmile dentists confirmed to Sharon that her teeth could be straightened with transparent Aligners – she could hardly believe it. Her treatment only took 8 months. In the past, Sharon felt uncomfortable with her smile and never wanted to show her teeth in photos. She didn't have the confidence to approach people with an open smile. But today it's the exact opposite – a life-changing experience.

The treatment

Aligners upper jaw

16 Aligners

Aligners lower jaw

16 Aligners


8 months

Sharon before the treatment


Sharon after the treatment with straight teeth


The successful treatment of Sharon

Sharon before
Sharon after

Since the treatment, Sharon feels like a new person. She loves to smile in photos and exudes a newly acquired self-confidence. Everyone around her has noticed how she is radiating happiness now.

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