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Small changes, big result

Getting straight teeth had been on Sofie’s mind since she was a child. Yet, the presence of just one slightly misaligned tooth never justified the use of traditional metal braces. As time passed, she grew increasingly self-conscious about the aesthetics of her smile. Inspired by the remarkable transformations witnessed in the smiles of her friends and acquaintances through bestsmile, she, too, opted for Aligners. The choice undeniably proved worthwhile: she now flaunts a confidently radiant smile, one that she finds comfort in, making a substantial impact on both her personal and professional life.

The treatment

Aligners upper jaw

10 Aligners

Aligners lower jaw

10 Aligners


5 months

Aligner Vorher-Nachher
Aligner Vorher-Nachher

The successful treatment of Sofie

Sofie before
Sofie after

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