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His new-found self-confidence

Mathias' teeth position has steadily worsened in adulthood. One of his front teeth was displaced inwards. This gave the impression that he had a tooth gap, which disturbed him. At first he could not believe that his teeth could be straightened in only 10 months with the bestsmile treatment. Already after 5 to 6 Aligners, Mathias saw that his teeth position had improved. Mathias is very satisfied with his new smile. The final result is even better than he had imagined.

The treatment

Aligners upper jaw

20 Aligners

Aligners lower jaw

20 Aligners


10 months

Mathias before the treatment


Mathias after the treatment with straight teeth


The successful treatment of Mathias

Mathias before
Mathias after

For Mathias, the bestsmile treatment was a boost to his self-confidence: “In situations in which I used to feel insecure, I can now approach others more confidently.”

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