Dental treatments and veneers abroad – what you should know

Veneers in Istanbul or implants in Budapest: at first glance, straightening your teeth abroad may seem very tempting.

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Dental treatments and veneers abroad

There seem to be more and more cheap offers for dental treatment in countries like Hungary or Turkey. But what risks are you exposing yourself to when you opt for such an alternative?

Dental treatments abroad can be much more expensive

It is important to know that the cost estimate abroad often does not correspond to the effective treatment costs. Cases in which patients report considerable additional costs are constantly increasing, sometimes even due to minor complications.

Additional travel, overnight stays, absences from the workplace and possible touch-ups should also be taken into account.

Although it is cheaper abroad than in Switzerland, foreign dentists often increase their prices for Swiss patients. There is also a risk of over-treatment, and therefore, seeking a second opinion is essential.

If undesirable side effects or complications occur after a treatment, patients hardly have the opportunity to assert their rights. In addition, warranty claims are more difficult in the event of improper treatment. This also applies if the preliminary examination took place in Switzerland, as any dentist from an EU or EFTA country can work in Switzerland for 90 days without a permit.

Therefore, it may happen that such a dentist is no longer reachable in case of complications.

A professional treatment takes time

Comprehensive dental treatments are often carried out in a short period of time abroad. And furthermore, there are significant risks involved in keeping the cost of treatment low. The natural healing process cannot be sufficiently taken into account in such short time periods. The necessary follow-up care, follow-up check-ups or treatments are often omitted.

What you should pay attention to in case of treatment abroad

If despite the risks you decide to have dental treatment abroad, you should consider the following:

  • Compare the offers of Swiss dentists with those of foreign providers. Remember to also consider the costs for travel, accommodation and any loss of earnings.
  • Compare the quality standards of the material and products of Swiss and foreign dental practices.
  • Do your research about the offers and providers of treatment abroad. Ask for a reference list of the dental practice and exchange information with other patients.
  • Make sure that the foreign dentist speaks your language. In this way, misunderstandings – and thus additional costs – can be avoided.
  • Check if the dental practice offers a warranty on the treatment. Often this is not the case.
  • Clarify in advance who will assume liability. This aspect is often not properly regulated.
  • Note that insurance does not usually cover dental treatment abroad.
Veneers abroad vs in Switzerland

You’re on the safe side with bestsmile

We recommend carrying out your dental treatment in Switzerland. Two of the world’s best universities for dentistry are located in Zurich and Bern. So you are well served and can expect a long-lasting result.

And if you decide to get your teeth straightened with Aligners or Veneers, bestsmile is a safe choice. These life-changing experiences with Veneers speak for themselves. With us, you get everything from a single source: from the dental consultation in our practices up to the in-house production in Switzerland. This allows us to work particularly carefully and efficiently and can therefore offer you a teeth straightening treatment at a fair price.


Last update: 25.04.2023


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